Summer Institute

HEOP Summer Institute group 2018

The HEOP Summer Academic Institute is designed to prepare pre-freshmen for college life, initiate the process of building academic skills, and orient students to the support services available through HEOP and Mount Saint Mary College.

A summer program is mandated by the State Education Department for all HEOP programs, as these summer courses pave the way for greater intellectual and cultural confidence and success as students enter their first term of college.

The MSMC HEOP Summer Academic Institute is a highly structured 5-week residential program that offers pre-freshmen an opportunity to earn up to 4 college credits. Students are enrolled in the following college courses: College Writing, Intro to Computer Science, Critical Reading, Math, Liberal Arts Seminar, and a Pre-Freshman Forum.

Summer Academic Program Goals and Philosophy

  1. Preparing students for and familiarizing them with academic expectations and procedures befitting a private liberal arts college.
  2. Broadening their academic experiences and preparing them for participation in the process of becoming liberally educated.
  3. Developing leadership skills.
  4. Emphasizing social justice, civic engagement, and social service.
  5. Helping students develop time-management skills.
  6. Introducing students to cultural and social resources that they can benefit from and contribute to in the MSMC community.
  7. Addressing personal anxieties through counseling and introductions to MSMC students, administrators, and faculty.
  8. Acquainting students with the academic and personal services available through the HEOP office.
  9. Raising students’ expectations for themselves as first-year college students.

For more information, please email HEOP@msmc.edu or call 845-569-3178.


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