Lending a helping hand

Mount community collects diapers for local families, supplies for refugees
October 25, 2017

Mount Saint Mary College gives back to the community.

Mount Saint Mary College’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee recently collected 3,398 diapers for Baby Steps Baby Pantry, to be donated to local families in need.


The Mount Saint Mary College community recently collected thousands of diapers for local families in need and hundreds of supplies for refugees settling upstate. 

As part of the Mount’s Knights in the Community initiative, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee recently gathered 3,398 diapers for the Baby Steps Baby Pantry in Newburgh, N.Y. The campus diaper drive ran for about three weeks before the athletes collected, packaged, and delivered the donations on October 19. 

Meanwhile, Dr. David Kennett, Mount Saint Mary College interim president, reached out to the college community and requested donations for nearly 50 refugee families who had recently settled in the Albany area. 

Students, staff, and faculty donated hundreds of garments for kids and adults, electronics, cookware, children’s toys, and more. The items were delivered earlier this month. 


Mount Saint Mary College gives back to the community.

Helping to sort hundreds of supplies for donation to refugees in the Albany area are, left to right: Barbara Connolly, executive assistant to the Office of the President; Nicole Miceli of Staten Island, N.Y.; Dr. David Kennett, interim president of Mount Saint Mary College, and his wife Susan Kennett; and Anahi Lima of Newburgh, N.Y.


Dr. Kennett thanked the Mount community for their kindness: “The response has been remarkable,” he said. 

The Mount’s Campus Ministry and the Office of Alumni Affairs will serve their fellow man through a winter coat drive later this semester. The coats will be donated to the Newburgh Ministry, which serves both low-income and the homeless population in Newburgh. 

Earlier this month, Campus Ministry collected hundreds of shirts, dresses, shoes, and more for the storm-ravaged areas of Texas, Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the neighboring islands. The college’s Catholic and Dominican Institute is also holding a fundraiser to aid those affected by recent natural disasters. 

Whether extracurricular or embedded in coursework, service is a core element of a Mount education. St. Dominic’s Order of Preachers embraces four pillars of life: prayer, study, community and service. Mount Saint Mary College is guided by these Dominican traditions and fosters a love of volunteerism in its students.


Mount Saint Mary College gives back to the community.

Mount volunteers sort items bound for nearly 50 refugee families in the Albany area.