Mount honors longtime employees

Schwartz celebrates 40 years at the Mount
December 15, 2017

The Mount’s Paul Schwartz, a professor of psychology, recently celebrated his 40th year with the college.

The Mount’s Paul Schwartz, a professor of psychology, recently celebrated his 40th year with the college.


Nearly 50 longtime Mount Saint Mary College personnel were honored at the annual service awards event on Friday, December 15. 

Psychology professor Paul Schwartz recently celebrated an important milestone: his 40th year of teaching at the Mount.

Schwartz started his career at the college in 1977.

“It seems like yesterday I was sitting with Sr. Agnes Boyle, OP discussing starting salary and my responsibilities, and then last week I received a letter from [Mount President] Dr. David Kennett thanking me for my 40 years of service,” he said. 

The best part of his time with the Mount so far has been the lasting impact he’s made on his many students throughout the decades. 

“The most rewarding aspect of teaching for me, and I’m sure is the same for everyone at Mount Saint Mary College, is the relationships you develop with the students,” Schwartz explained. “You watch them come is as freshmen – a little anxious, and a little insecure –  then see them walk across the stage four years later as confident young adults. And you know you were a part of that process, and you had an impact on their lives and their future.”

The second- and third-longest serving Mount employees were Susan Petronella, administrative assistant with the Division of Natural Sciences, who celebrated her 35th anniversary; and Elaine O’Grady, Vice President for Students, who celebrated her 30th anniversary with the college. 

In addition to Schwartz, Petronella, and O’Grady, the following employees were recognized: 

5 YEARS – 2012
Megan Morrissey, Center for Student Success; Karidis Tubo, School of Nursing; Sandra Brandman, Community & Educational Services/Desmond; Carlos Tonche Jr., Registrar; Jane Gangi, Division of Education; Matt Frey, Marketing and Communications; Robert Miller, Division of Philosophy and Religious Studies; Antonia Brewer, School of Nursing; Julia Murray, Athletics; Brian McGann, Student Affairs; Kathleen Venable, Division of Mathematics/IT; Michael Coppolino, Athletics; Brett Cimorelli, Information Technology; Douglas Smith, Facilities; Trevor Purcell, Athletics; and Peter Carofano, Athletics.

10 YEARS – 2007
Michael O’Keefe, Operations; Maryann Pilon, Facilities; Lynn Frank, College Advancement; Joseph Bell, Security; Maureen Rivera, Student Activities; Jill Sussman, School of Nursing; Dakin Roy, Information Technology; Barbara Seymour, Health Services; Marie-Therese Sulit, Division of Arts and Letters; Carolyn Quoma, College Advancement, Carl Hoegler, Division Natural Sciences; Glenn Reynolds, Division of Social Sciences; Vera Rubeo, School of Nursing; and Lisa Galina Alvarez, Adult Degree Completion/Graduate Admissions.

15 YEARS – 2002
Frances Spielhagen, Division of Education; Karen Johnson, Security; Delbra Lane, Security; Lee Fothergill, Division Mathematics/IT; Amanda Maynard, Division of Social Sciences; Maria Fernandez, Facilities; and Candelaria Pinzon, Facilities.

20 YEARS – 1997
James Raimo, Facilities and Operations; Karen Ulrich, Adult Degree Completion/Graduate Admissions; and Norma Pettus, Security.

25 YEARS – 1992
Thomas Dubetsky, Security; Joseph Dzierzyk, Grounds; Carmen Vergaray, Facilities; James Whitaker, Operations; and Stanley Pycior, Division of Social Sciences.