Mount Nursing grad ready to lend a healing hand at Mayo Clinic

April 29, 2019

Mount Saint Mary College graduate-to-be Victoria Mannone of Oceanside, N.Y. will soon join the nursing staff of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Mount Saint Mary College graduate-to-be Victoria Mannone of Oceanside, N.Y. will soon join the nursing staff of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

Victoria Mannone of Oceanside, N.Y., a Nursing major who will graduate from Mount Saint Mary College on Saturday, May 18, is delighted to be joining the staff of the Mayo Clinic in in Rochester, Minn. this July.
Mannone will be a registered nurse at the clinic. She pursued the position after receiving a letter from the organization encouraging her to apply, and received the job offer months before graduation.
“I feel extremely grateful and excited about my new position at the Mayo Clinic,” noted Mannone. “Mayo Clinic has always been my dream.”
Ranked #1 in the nation by US News and World Report, the Mayo Clinic is committed to clinical practice, education, research, and providing expert care to all patients.
Mannone made the most of her time at the Mount, sharpening her Nursing skills though the Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing and the Alpha Chi National College Honor Society, and repeatedly making the Mount’s Dean’s List. She also had plenty of experiential learning through a variety of clinical work placements.
“I feel that the Mount has prepared me well to work for the Mayo Clinic,” she said. “My Nursing classes have taught me so much, [including] how to assess, develop a diagnosis, evaluate, and much more for patients in various settings. My clinical rotations have given me lots of hands-on experience with patients. In addition, classes have taught me how to be a nursing professional, how to interact with other professionals, how to be a leader, and how to delegate.”
The young nurse is looking forward to putting her knowledge to use in a new professional environment and in a new home state.
“Moving to another state, away from my family and friends, is definitely a scary thing,” Mannone admitted. “But, Mayo Clinic is a place where I can be truly successful. Mayo Clinic is a place where I can see myself truly happy, working where I will be supported and pushed to be the best nurse I can be. Minnesota is my future home and…I know I will be alright. I will be better than alright; I will be truly happy.”
Throughout Mannone’s college career, the Mount’s Nursing professors have been an inspiration for the enthusiastic graduate-to-be. She notes that the Mount Nursing program’s “greatest strength” is its dedicated and personable faculty.
“[Nursing faculty] is always so supportive of students and truly show that they want you to achieve. They teach us not only the textbook content, but also go above and beyond to give us their own experiences and what is going on in the nursing world,” she said. “The Mount Nursing instructors do everything they can to help us succeed and become excellent nurses.”
Another advantage was the aid she received from the college’s Career Center, which instilled in her the skills needed to be successful in her job search and interview process. The Career Center prepares students for varied career opportunities in the Hudson Valley, New York City, the Capital Region, and beyond.
“My Career Center advisor helped me tweak my résumé, develop cover letters, and apply for jobs and externships,” said Mannone. “She also helped me prepare for what to expect in interviews. I highly recommend making use of the Career Center. Without my career advisor, I would not have been so prepared for job applications and interviews, and I may not have been able to receive the vital experience that my summer externship gave me.”
But for now, Mannone is concentrating on completing her final semester at the Mount. There’s a certain relief that comes with having a great job lined up before graduation, she explained.
“I feel so blessed,” Mannone said. “The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it. I am so very grateful and happy that all my hard work these past four years has paid off and that my dream has come true.”
Mount Saint Mary College is ranked a Top-Tier University by U.S. News & World Report, and offers bachelor’s and master’s degree programs for careers in healthcare, business, education, social services, communications, media and more.