Mount president unveils service-based vision for the college’s future

April 02, 2019

scenic fall photo of mount saint mary college dominican center

During a town hall meeting with faculty and staff, Dr. Jason N. Adsit, president of Mount Saint Mary College, proudly unveiled his vision for the college’s future – a comprehensive, institution-wide commitment to service-learning and community engagement.
“Mount Saint Mary College is going to become the most community service-oriented college in the United States,” Dr. Adsit said. “We are going to move into the future by embracing and amplifying the concept that is at our core: Service matters.”
The college has been steeped in a culture of service since its inception 60 years ago. Mount students already volunteer at places like the Newburgh Armory Unity Center, San Miguel Academy, Nora Cronin Presentation Academy, the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley, and through many other activities. The college’s alumni also have a long and distinguished history of serving their communities in their careers and volunteer work.
 Mount Saint Mary College President, Dr. Jason Adsit
Now, service will become the central part of a Mount education. Students, faculty, and staff will participate in a broad array of high-impact practices related to service-learning across the entire institution. Professors will develop service-learning components within all academic programs, the college will develop meaningful connections with additional local service organizations, students will be given opportunities to engage in study abroad trips with a strong service component, and more.
“This new, comprehensive vision for the Mount honors the earliest origins of the college itself – and builds upon the mission of service, outreach, and community engagement that the Dominican Sisters established when they first founded the order in Newburgh,” Dr. Adsit noted.  Moreover, “This vision is directly aligned with the long and distinguished history of Catholic Social Teaching and the Dominican Charism, reflecting the best of what Catholic higher education has to offer students and families in the 21st century.”
Dr. Adsit said the initiative is designed to have a significant impact on the local and regional community, provide valuable experiences for students that will prepare them for future careers and show them the value of service, and help connect the college with those who want to serve.
“This isn’t simply about volunteerism,” said Dr. Adsit. “It’s about using all of the unbelievable talent, skills, and ideas that our faculty, staff, and fabulous students have to positively impact Newburgh and beyond.”
Several new service programs at the college are already being implemented, with the initiative projected to be in full swing by the 2020-2021 school year.