Mount rolls out green initiatives

February 02, 2018

Mount Saint Mary College is proud to announce a series of ongoing, eco-friendly improvements to the campus.

Beginning in the Fall 2017 semester, the Mount entered into an Energy Performance Contract with the John W. Danforth Company in Tonawanda, N.Y. and ECG Group in Smithtown, N.Y. This initiative promotes various mechanical, lighting, and weatherization improvements self-funded through the energy savings. 

In addition to making the college more environmentally friendly, it’s estimated that the project will save the Mount nearly $400,000 in utility and operating costs in the first year following implementation.

“We have made significant progress since starting the project,” noted Maryann Pilon, executive director of Facilities and liaison for Strategic Space Planning. 

Completed upgrades include installing high efficiency condensing boilers across campus, weatherization improvements to various residence halls and buildings, and interior and exterior LED lighting retrofits.

According to Pilon, to date about 80 percent of the planned lighting retrofits have been completed in all administrative buildings and residence halls. 

“The new lighting provides brighter, whiter light than the older lighting systems while providing a longer useful life, and cuts down on the required maintenance of bulb changes,” she explained. 

When the lighting retrofit is percent complete, nearly 11,000 fixtures throughout campus will have been updated. The bulbs will not need to be changed again for a decade.

Upcoming major projects in the spring, following Commencement in May, include replacing rooftop heating units around campus with more efficient models, replacing the PoolPak dehumidification and water temperature system in the Kaplan Recreation Center, and making improvements to various temperature controls units. Exterior lighting will also be retrofitted throughout the spring and summer.

Pilon noted the success of the program required aid from many employees of the college. She thanked Dr. David Kennett, Mount Saint Mary College Interim President; James M. Raimo, vice president for Auxiliary Services; Arthur Glass, vice president for Finance and Administration; Douglas Smith, assistant director of Facilities; and the Mount Saint Mary College Board of Trustees for “supporting this very important project which promotes more efficient systems, energy savings, and is environmental friendly.”