Mount talk features author, retired colonel Christopher Holshek

December 12, 2018

Christopher Holshek author and retired colonel visits mount saint mary college

Author and retired United States Army Colonel, Christopher Holshek (center), recently discussed his long military career and other topics during a talk at Mount Saint Mary College. Left: Cailey Walls of Middle Village, N.Y, president of the Mount’s Operation Students Supporting Military club. Right: Victoria Guglielmo of Farmingdale, N.Y., secretary of Operation Students Supporting Military. 

Operation Students Supporting Military, a Mount Saint Mary College student club, recently hosted “The Meaning of Service in a Divided America” featuring author and retired United States Army Colonel, Christopher Holshek.


Col. Holshek spent nearly three decades in the United States Army. At the Mount event, he revealed what his military service entailed, and the importance of this kind of work. He added that service comes in many forms, from the men and women of the military heading overseas to people volunteering their time and effort close to home.


"I think it just goes to show that if we want to make a better world for all of us – something both the left and right can agree on – it starts with us using our voice and helping out in any way we can in our local communities,” said Cailey Walls of Middle Village, N.Y, president of Operation Students Supporting Military.


In 2016, Col. Holshek released the book Travels with Harley: Journeys in Search of Personal and National Identity, which tells the tale of his cross-country motorcycle trip. Only through service to others, he discovered, can Americans find their identity and step up to national and global citizenship, starting in their own communities.


“He told me that the paradox is that no one can really tell you what it means to be an American,” explained Walls. “It’s something you need to discover yourself.”