Mount honors longtime employees

December 16, 2016


The Mount recently celebrated 25 years of service from Lawrence Force, professor of psychology (center); and 20 years of service from, left to right: Kelly Yough, Dean of Student Affairs; Brian Moore, Purchasing Manager; Matthew Dembinsky, Athletic Recruiting Coordinator; and Ellen Walsh, Athletics Administrative Assistant.


More than 60 longtime Mount Saint Mary College personnel were honored at a service awards event on Friday, December 16.

The following employees were recognized:

5 YEARS – 2011

Sonya Abbye-Taylor, Division of Education; Wisdom Atsunyo, Information Technology; Jodie Fahey, Division of Natural Sciences; Lee Ferris, Marketing & Communications; Kayla Gori, Office of Online Learning; Jeanette Grossman, Division of Education; Alfonso Herrera, Security; Greg (Scott) Holbert, Facilities; Eric Langstedt, Division of Arts & Letters; Marilyn Lashlee, School of Nursing; Bojan Lazarevic, Division of Math & IT; Kevin Longacre, Athletics; Mary Jane Holbert, Facilities; Thuy Nguyen, Division of Social Sciences; Nancy Owen, School of Nursing; Kristen Miller Perkins, Marketing & Communications; Mayde Pokorny, Marketing & Communications; Derek Sanderson, Library; Eric Seideman, Athletics; Grace Sosler, Registrar; Johnna Touma, Information Technology; Alex Valentin, Information Technology; Susan Voge, Library; Ying Xiao, School of Business; Ian Zavardino, Information Technology.

10 YEARS – 2006

Shirley Adams, Academic Affairs; Evelyn Barese, Division of Education; Janine Bixler, Division of Education; Frederick Callo, Athletics; J. David Gallagher, Division of Education; Thomas Garnett, Security; Akm Rezaul Hossain, School of Business; Grant Konno, Bishop Dunn Memorial School; Kathryn Loughran, Library; Deborah Meissner, Division of Social Sciences; John Nicoletti, Information Technology; Janet Petroski, Division of Natural Sciences; Barbara Petruzzelli, Library; Robin Rosenberg, Career Center; Della Sherman, Community Education; Joseph Simms, Security; Anthony Spano, Information Technology; Nancy Trenz, Graduate and Adult Degree Completion; Carl Truffi, Security; Robert VanHouten, Security; Susan Vorsanger, Division of Social Sciences; and Arthur Williams, Facilities.

15 YEARS – 2001

Barbara Connolly, President’s Office; Linda Connors, Financial Aid; John Greeney, Information Technology; Sonya Latham, Security; Vivian Milczarski, Library; Dianne Murphy, School of Nursing; Marilyn Riccio, Admissions; Ludmila Smirnova, Division of Education; Janice Stankus, Alumni Affairs; and Michelle Tabor, Admissions.

20 YEARS – 1996

Matthew Dembinsky, Admissions; Brian Moore, Purchasing; Ellen Walsh, Athletics; and Kelly Yough, Student Affairs.

25 YEARS – 1991

Lawrence Force, Division of Social Sciences.