Mount students learn techniques for quick thinking

April 07, 2017

Mount students learned several techniques for speedy thinking from Jill Butler, a former NYC corporate executive. 


Jill Butler, a former New York City corporate executive and creative artistic entrepreneur, recently taught Mount Saint Mary College students techniques for quick and effective problem solving.

Mind-Mapping can help with everything from drafting a publication to decluttering office space, noted Butler. The technique gets details corralled quickly.

Creating a Verbal Picture helps users set end goals for both work and personal life, starting in the present and moving to the imagined future. With this in mind, one can create the action steps needed to make their vision a reality.

The workshops were spearheaded by Marie-Therese Sulit, associate professor of English, and sponsored by the Mount Saint Mary College Honors Program. The rigorous Honors Program, open to all majors, challenges students to maximize their learning and leadership skills.