Storyteller enthralls Mount community

April 03, 2019


Professional storyteller Laconia Therrio thrilled the Mount Saint Mary College community with his presentation “The Storyteller in You” on Tuesday, April 2.
 Laconia Therrio discussed folktales, children’s stories, and how to be a better storyteller during a Mount Saint Mary College workshop on April 2.
Therrio recounts tales from across the globe in schools, libraries, and through other organizations. He believes that stories remind listeners of their commonalities more than their differences. His repertoire includes material from the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Therrio invites listeners to discover the wonders of each tale regardless of the genre.
During his visit, Therrio told a series of children’s stories, folktales, and “signature” anecdotes before delving into how one can increase their effectiveness as a storyteller. He noted that sometimes the impact of a story comes not from the piece itself, but how it’s told. For example, while recounting a grim folktale, Therrio gave each character a distinct voice, used body language to enhance the tense mood, and made participants jump with a loud, unexpected “Boo!”
Therrio visited the Mount at the request of Jane Gangi, Mount Saint Mary College associate professor of Education.
“Laconia is a powerful storyteller,” said Gangi. “He is deeply connected to the stories he tells and deeply connected to his audience. The enchantment of community, art, and insight come together whenever and wherever Laconia performs.”