The dog days of autumn

Therapy dogs delight Mount students during end-semester crunch
December 10, 2018
Stress relief dogs visit mount saint mary college students during finals weekMount Saint Mary College students got a helping paw from their furry friends on December 6 at the Kaplan Family Library and Learning Center. 

The end of the semester can be a challenging time for the Mount Saint Mary College community, but trained therapy dogs provided a break for students, faculty, and staff at the Kaplan Family Library and Learning Center on December 6.


The popular event has become a tradition at Mount Saint Mary College.


Research has indicated that watching, petting, or talking to an animal can lower blood pressure and heart rate. Interacting with animals can also reduce mental distress and lower anxiety levels – for example, during finals for college students.


“The dogs are comforting for the students during this stressful time of year,” explained Orin Strauchler, assistant dean of Student Support Services and director of counseling. “This event makes the students feel a little less tense and tired.”


“Wagging Tails Stress Relief” was co-sponsored by the Mount Saint Mary College Kaplan Family Library and Learning Center and the college’s Counseling Center.