The Mount becomes a Clean Air NY Campus

September 19, 2018

Clean Air NY LogoIn an effort to reduce pollution and improve local air quality, Mount Saint Mary College is becoming a Clean Air NY Campus. 

As a Clean Air NY Campus, the Mount informs students, faculty, and staff when poor air quality is forecasted and helps reduce air pollution by offering sustainable transportation options to the campus community. The Mount offers assistance with carpooling, vanpooling, taking transit, biking or walking to campus. Special parking spaces are available for individuals who carpool or vanpool to campus. 

Clean Air NY is an initiative that supports region-wide air-quality efforts. Their network of individuals and businesses strive to make New York’s air healthier and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

Through a partnership with 511NY Rideshare, Clean Air NY helps commuters find easy, affordable, and sustainable alternatives to driving alone. In 2017, members of 511NY Rideshare and Clean Air NY saved roughly 5,000 metric tons of CO2 and 392,000 drive-alone trips. 

At the Mount, the initiative is being spearheaded by Lynn Maelia, professor of Chemistry, and Lisa Alvarez, director of Admissions for Graduate Programs and Adult Degree Retention. 

There are many benefits to being a Clean Air Campus, Maelia explained.

“We need to be good stewards of the Earth,” she said. “Educating students about sustainability and how we can take care of our world is a responsibility we all bear. We are leaving them an Earth that has been compromised by our industrial society. They will be involved in future efforts to minimize our impact while still progressing technologically.”

She added, “People who are interested in making an impact are given an opportunity to do so through this program.” 

“Clean Air NY applauds Mount Saint Mary College’s effort to inform the campus community about poor air quality and encourage carpooling, vanpooling, biking and walking to campus," said Heliana Higbie, Regional Program Manager. "The campus is making a positive impact on the quality of life in the Hudson Valley.”