Academic Testing and Assessment

Math Placement

MSMC College Readiness Indicators 2018-2019

Beginning Fall 2018, Mount Saint Mary College will use the following benchmarks as college readiness indicators. Our goal at Mount Saint Mary College is to properly place students into mathematics courses to ensure they are successful in their first math course.

Upon admission to MSMC, students scoring at or above the scores listed below will be placed into the appropriate mathematics course based on a variety of criteria. Therefore, upon admission, students are required to submit either ACT or SAT scores for Math and English placement.

 MTESTSAT Sub-score
Heart of Algebra
SAT Sub-score
Passport to Advanced Mathematics
SAT Sub-score
Problem Solving and Data Analysis
MTH 1000
Mathematical Literacy
(Credit bearing but does not count towards core)
<251-7  <20
MTH 1015
MTH 1400
MTH 2050/2060
MTH 1200
>258-15  20-23
MTH 2070   8-1520-23
MTH 2300
MTH 1500
>27 7-10 24-26
MTH 2510
>30 11-15 >27


Calculus: >30 SAT-M OR 11-15 SAT-Passport to Advanced Mathematics
Pre-Calculus: >27 SAT-M OR 7-10 SAT-Passport to Advanced Mathematics
Below Pre-Calculus: >25 SAT-M OR 8-15 SAT-Heart of Algebra
Statistics: >25 SAT-M AND 8-15 SAT-Problem Solving and Data Analysis
MTH 1000: <25 SAT-M AND 8-15 SAT-Heart of Algebra

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