Accepted Students

Create Your Mount Account

Mack the Knight welcoming accepted students to campus

Ready to start loving the Mount life? Activate your Mount account!


Create and Activate Your Mount Account:
Follow the directions for First-Time Users. You will need your ID #, which can be found on the acceptance letter sent to you in the mail. (This is different than the portal you've used for admissions updates).


If you cannot find your ID #, navigate to "Mange My Account" at the bottom of the page, select "I don't know my ID number," and enter your email address (most likely, the email address on file will be the one where you have been receiving Admissions emails). The
ID # will be emailed to you, and you can then create your account here.


How to retrieve your Mount ID #

Activate your Mount account

By doing so you’ll be able to:


  • Pay your admissions deposit to confirm your enrollment
  • Set up your Mount email address
  • Review and accept your financial aid package
  • Upload your picture for your Mount ID card
  • View your tuition bill and set up a payment plan