Residence Life

Residence Life FAQs

How are roommates chosen? Can I choose my own roommate?

For first-year students, roommates are generally paired by a brief questionnaire found on the housing application. Our office can ONLY guarantee mutually requested roommates. To guarantee a roommate, both students MUST request each other by listing each other's name on the housing application, which is sent in late May. We cannot accept suitemate requests. Returning students choose their roommates and room during the housing lottery, which takes place sometime in April.

What type of meal plans are offered to residents?

Resident Meal Plans for 2016-2017

  • Ultimate Access + $150 includes 24/7 unlimited access to The View, $150 per semester in flex dollars along with 8 guest passes per semester.
  • Ultimate Access + $250 includes 24/7 unlimited access to The View, $250 per semester in flex dollars along with 8 guest passes per semester.
  • Ultimate Access + $350 includes 24/7 unlimited access to The View, $350 per semester in flex dollars along with 8 guest passes per semester.
  • Senior Meal plan includes 24/7 unlimited access to The View, $150 in flex dollars along with $200 in Mount Money and 3 guest passes per semester.
  • Students will be able to add more flex dollars to their meal plans throughout the year.

What housing options are available to freshmen?

Freshmen are housed in Guzman Hall and Sakac Hall. 

What does the room/suite include in the freshmen buildings?

Each suite includes one or two bathrooms, cable access, phone jack, dressers, and two closets per bedroom. 

Does each person have his or her own Internet access?

We provide a wireless network that works with most wireless laptops and desktop computers.

Is there security in the Residence Halls?

Yes. There is a 24-hour staffed security station in the lobby of both Sakac Hall and Guzman Hall. Building residents are required to swipe their identification card to gain access to areas beyond the security station. Likewise, access to the living areas of the College Courts is restricted to individual building residents by swiping their identification card. In addition, ground level windows in all residential rooms are equipped with tamper resistant security screens.  

Can my friends visit me?

Yes, however there is a visitation policy.

For upperclassmen visiting upperclass housing areas, the visitation policy is: Sunday through Thursday, visitors are allowed from 10 am to 1 am. On Fridays and Saturdays, visitors are allowed from 10 am to 3 am.

Visitation hours for Sakac Hall, Guzman Hall, and for freshmen visiting upper-class areas:

  • Sunday through Thursday: 11 am–11 pm
  • Friday and Saturday: 11 am–1  am

There is a freshmen curfew all year long (1 am during the week, and 3 am on the weekends). No overnight opposite gender visitation is permitted for any student. For the complete visitation policy, please review the student handbook.

What kind of staffing can be found in the residence halls?

There are Residence Assistants on each floor and/or wing, and a Residence Director in each area.

How do students do laundry?

Laundry rooms are located in College Court 12, 21, 392, and 408, on the ground floor of Guzman Hall and Sakac Hall, and in the Dominican Center. Have someone teach you how to do laundry before you get here!

Can beds be lofted?

Yes. During opening day/week, a member of the maintenance staff will be able to raise, bunk, or loft beds. We allow one loft per bedroom.

How many residents live on campus?

Approximately 1,000 students live on campus. The number of students continues to increase each year.

What features are there in Sakac Hall and Guzman Hall?

Sakac Hall: One, two, and three-bedroom suites each have one or two private bathrooms. Two and three-bedroom suites have a common area lounge.

Guzman Hall: One and two-bedroom suites with a private bathroom. Two-bedroom suites have a common area lounge.

Both residence halls feature a full kitchen, common area lounges on each floor, fitness room, movie lounge, laundry room, and computer room. All residence halls are smoke-free. 

Is housing guaranteed for all four years?

We guarantee housing for residents who pay the required housing deposit before the deadline set by the Residence Life Office. This is subject to bed availability.

Will I be assigned to a triple?

Less than half of our incoming freshmen are assigned to a triple room. The triple rooms are de-tripled as space becomes available. Students are able to request a triple.

Can freshmen have cars on campus?

Resident freshmen are not permitted to have a vehicle on campus. However, first year residents who need to maintain employment (within the nine approved counties) may request an exemption to the parking policy through the Residence Life Office. Please contact us directly for further information.  

There is a shuttle service provided by the Student Activities Office that does a frequent loop to the local malls, shopping areas, train station, etc.