Residence Life

Residence Life Staff

The Director of Residence Life is responsible for the staff and overall operation of the Residence Life program. The director supervises the professional and paraprofessional staff and their responsibilities. Some other areas the director oversees include budgeting, programming, crisis intervention, projections, and collaboration with other departments regarding housing matters.

The Assistant Director of Residence Life is a professional staff member who lives on campus. This position contributes to and coordinates the day-to-day operations of the Residence Life program. These tasks include facilities and maintenance issues within the residence halls, the housing selection process, room change request and check-in and check-out procedures, etc.

Amy Weit, Director of Residence Life

Clarissa Maldonado, Office Assistant

The Area Coordinator and Resident Directors are professional, live-in staff members. Their primary responsibility is the supervision of their designated residential area. These staff members are responsible for overseeing the duties and obligations of the resident assistants, programming and building community within the residence director’s area, and maintaining a safe and healthy living environment for the residents. RDs conduct personal and judicial meetings with the students whenever necessary. There is a residence director on duty seven days a week, beginning at 5 pm during the weekdays, and all day on the weekends.

Kristina Fletcher, Area Coordinator, College Courts

John Chiaia, Resident Director, Dominican Center & Guzman Hall

Khadijah Lyons, Resident Director, Sakac Hall

Resident Assistants are trained undergraduate students available to provide peer supervision to residents, assist with maintenance issues, roommate conflicts, and residence hall emergencies. They also serve as policy enforcers and mediators. Resident assistants supervise a floor or wing of residents. There is an RA on duty seven days a week beginning at 8 pm during the weekdays and all day on the weekends.

During the school year, the Residence Life Office is staffed with work study students who assist with the operations in our office. They will answer the phones, receive visitors to the office, complete paperwork and administrative tasks, create and post flyers, etc.