SGA Clubs and Organizations

Be an active member of the Mount community!

Join one or more of the campus organizations listed below. Choose from student government, theater, dance, cheerleading, math, student newspaper, radio, and many more! Commuters can get involved in the Commuter Council and residents can have a say in housing matters by joining the Resident Living Council. 

Clubs and organizations are open to all Mount students, and new members are always welcome. Remember that 80% of your college experience will be spent in activities outside the classroom! Your fondest memories of college may come from your involvement in campus activities. Get involved and make your memories count!

Current Clubs for Academic Year 2017-2018

Academic Council
The Academic Council represents the academic side to student life. Members have the opportunity to organize sponsored events such as study breaks, trips to museums, and Broadway shows. The Academic Council works to create a balance between working hard and having fun, and always welcomes new members and ideas.
President: Andrea Austin,

Aging United
Aging United explores opportunities in service, programming, and research in the field of aging.
President: Jenna Bernard,

Allies is a club that seeks to unify the Mount community through education, awareness, support, and inclusion for the LGBT population. This club seeks to provide a stable, judgment-free environment, offering students the prospect to freely express themselves and provide equal opportunity for every student regardless of gender, race, and/or sexual orientation.
President: Alexis Ofca,

Alpha Knights Step Team
This club is full of talent! Stepping is a form of percussive dance in which the participants’ entire body is used as an instrument to produce complex rhythms and sounds through a mixture of footsteps, spoken words and hand claps. Join Alpha Knights Step Team today!
President: Larry Arnold,

American Chemical Society
The American Chemical Society is open to all those curious about chemistry. The organization is for both science and non-science students who want to explore this stimulating field within a nationally recognized association. The ACS sponsors programs not only on campus but also with local elementary schools.
President: Guy Zoutis,

Anime Club
The Anime Club covers everything from the latest Japanese films to old Japanese titles that you've probably never heard of in almost every genre. Monthly events consist of video games, board games, karaoke, anime music videos, and sushi. All in all, it's a great time!
President: Hope Schaumberg,

Best Buddies
Best Buddies is a club that consists of volunteers that create opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
President: Morgan Homan,

Big Brothers/Big Sisters
Big Brothers/Big Sisters buddy up with local youth in the community by joining Big Brothers/Big Sisters. This volunteer mentor program is both rewarding and heart-warming as students invest their time with underprivileged children. Serving as mentors and role models, members experience the power of friendship that stems from the connection they make with remarkable children.
President: Jacqueline Hogan,

Black Student Union
Black Student Union spreads culture and awareness of black history. BSU encourages unity on the Mount Saint Mary College campus, keeping their meetings open to all races. The organization spreads an appreciation for black history by sponsoring Black History Month as well as by contributing speakers, dancers, and other events to campus life.
President: Kiana Comrie,

Byte Knights
The main purpose of this club is to connect all Mount Saint Mary College students through the use of technology in today’s society, life, and career. In addition, Byte Knight aims to help students make a smoother transition from high school to college life, emphasize communication with other students inside and outside the school setting, provide students with valuable experience through the various aspects of Information Technology, and apply this experience through various activities and volunteer experiences.
President: Corey Mrocka,

Catholic Relief Services
Catholic Relief Services is an organization composed of Student Ambassadors that seeks to help those in poverty on local, national, and international levels through a series of service outreach projects, awareness campaigns, and fundraisers.
President: Christina Mistretta,

C.I.R.C.L.E. gives Mount students the opportunity to become familiar with children’s literature, to learn how to discuss literature meaningfully with children/adolescents, and to plan and implement a literature discussion for a group of children/adolescents in a school or community setting. Participants will read and discuss award-winning children/adolescent books to explore themes and contemporary issues in literature as a way to think about and understand our diverse world. For education majors, it will count as fieldwork hours or professional development.
President: Marie Finch,

Colleges Against Cancer
Colleges Against Cancer is a nationwide collaboration of college students, faculty, and staff dedicated to eliminating cancer by initiating and supporting programs of the American Cancer Society in college communities.
President: Marissa Siegal,

Commuter Council
Commuter Council joins commuter and resident students under one student body. The council encourages the on-campus involvement of commuters in college events as well as sponsors activities with other clubs. Bringing everyone together at Mount Saint Mary College, the Commuter Council emphasizes the strength of our community and student life.
President: Nicholas Murphy,

Disability Advocacy Club (D.A.C.)
The purpose of the Disability Advocacy Club is to advocate and spread awareness of the various disabilities that people possess on our campus, and through this advocacy we hope to break the stigmas and misconceptions that people hold in regard to said disabilities.
President: Derek O'Hanlon,

Dance Team
Join our talented Dance Team! The team choreographs routines to be performed during halftime at the men’s home basketball games as well as other college functions. Spread school spirit on campus as you leap into this exciting time in your life.
President: Cari Fulcher,

Delta Leadership Society
DLS is a great outlet for opportunities in leadership as well as a way to get involved with community service. DLS promotes on and off campus events, which have included the Special Olympics, campus clean-ups, and “Light the Night” for cancer awareness. DLS asks you to give a little bit of your time to give a lot back to your community.
President: Vama Patel,

Different Stages
Show off your love for the performing arts by becoming a member of the student theatrical society, Different Stages. This is a casting call for all those fond of the theater, singing, and anything related to performing. Different Stages shines a light on talent, and members embrace their passion for the arts.
President: Nathan Herring,

Diversity Club
The Diversity Club allows students to be comfortable expressing themselves regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, etc. Students will also have the opportunity to learn, embrace, and gain an appreciation for the wide variety of culture that is amongst them.
President: (vacant)

Elite Knight Trends
Elite Knight Trends is a club that is more than just about Fashion. Their ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere where students of all style interests can come together.
President: Patrice Polo,

Essence of Poetry
The Essence of Poetry club enables poets to share personal works or works of others in a group setting. This club is not limited to poets, but admirers of poetry. This can include members that are musicians, lyricists, other artists, and members of the audience.
President: Tadeusz Loarca,

Gaming Group
The Gaming Group is open to all student who like to immerse themselves in new worlds! The Group plays table top and video games of many varieties. Their ultimate goal is to build a small community at the Mount as well as give back to the larger community as a whole through gaming tournaments and other gaming-based events.
President: Kristen Anderson,

Get Creative
This club allows students to develop their imaginative, creative abilities be it through art, music, decorating, etc. Sponsored club activities promote creativity of students both on and off campus, such as Decorate Your Dorm, etc.
President: Nicole Kamer,

Habitat for Humanity
The Mount takes pride in participating in the international volunteer program, Habitat for Humanity. Students work side by side to help rehabilitate and build affordable homes for families in need. Habitat for Humanity teaches students the importance and power of group efforts to help others.
President: Katie Hertlein,

Improvology teaches students the techniques of improv performance and helps students build a strong foundation as a confident performer. No experience necessary to perform and learn with this group!
President: Lily Chimenti,

Knight Notes
This club gives students the opportunity to enhance their musical talents and meet new students in the Mount Saint Mary College community who commonly share a passion for music.
President: Destiny Bettica,

Knitting Knights
This club brings students who are interested in knitting a chance to learn about the skill as well as knit items to fundraise for various causes or just for fun.
President: Rebecca Lawson,

Knight Radio
Knight Radio is a student-run radio station that broadcasts to the campus and surrounding community. Those interested in being a DJ or broadcaster are encouraged to join. Knight Radio provides the chance to express yourself and your taste in music!
Station Manager: Brian McGann,

Latino Student Union
Latino Student Union promotes campus awareness of Latino culture and history with programs such as Hispanic Heritage month. Social events such as Salsa lessons, movie nights, and dinners are also sponsored, giving students a chance to discuss and experience the Latino culture.
President: Yoanna Andino,

Literary Society
The Literary Society brings together students with an interest in the art of reading and writing. It also collaborates to publish a literary magazine for the Mount Community that includes student work. The Literary Club is a great way to share and get feedback on personal work.
Editor: Troy Watson,

Math Club
The Math Club promotes enthusiasm and interest in mathematics by exposing students to exciting branches of math in a casual, friendly, and fun atmosphere. The Math Club addresses the needs of students studying and/or interested in the field of mathematics. The club meets regularly and sponsors lectures, trips, and activities.
President: Sierra Cola,

Med Knights aims to provide volunteer experiences for students interested in careers in medicine. As individuals who want to pursue a medical career, we have a passion to help those in need. We feel that we can make a difference, locally, and would like to have the opportunity to do so. We would like to unite different clubs on campus to enhance our volunteering experience.
President: (vacant)

Musical Exchange
Musical Exchange is the expansion of the music community creating music base events and giving a welcoming place for music lovers to go to express themselves.
President: Niko Marzouka,

Newspaper (Mount Messenger)
The Mount’s student newspaper, Mount Messenger, primarily covers campus news and events, while also providing insight into students’ opinions and views through our features columns. The Messenger serves the campus community and our neighbors in the Hudson Valley area.

Nursing Student Union
This club sponsors nursing workshops and seminars to help provide support for, and expand the knowledge of, nursing students. NSU also sponsors campus blood drives.
President: Kasondra Colasanti,

Pre-Law Society
This club is for students who are looking to meet other students who are studying or are interested in law.
President: LeighAnn Perina,

Psychology Club
This club sponsors workshops and seminars to help provide support for, and expand the knowledge of, psychology students and those interested in the field.
President: Caryl Fisher,

Resident Living Council
Give back to your fellow students by becoming a member of the Resident Living Council. RLC addresses the needs of resident students as well as informs them of resident hall policies. Members also have the opportunity to work with Residence Life Staff to organize programming.
President: Ely Feliciano,

Student Business Association
This organization provides learning activities for all students interested in the world of business. Events are outside of the classroom, leadership focused, and are career-related. Programs include hosting guest speakers and panels, skill development workshops, and  excursions to local and NYC area businesses and industries.
CEO: Dylan Legg,

If you would like more information on joining or starting an SGA club, please visit the Student Activities Office in Hudson Hall 113 or email