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Music at the Mount

The Mount Saint Mary College Choir has a long and proud tradition of performing at the annual Christmas Vespers each year in the Chapel of the Holy Rosary in the Dominican Center.

The choir, composed of students and faculty, also stages a concert each spring semester. Read more about Durward Entrekin, professor of music and the choir director at the Mount. 

Past Concerts and Performances

Christmas Vespers (Fall 2016)
Christmas Vespers (Fall 2015)
Christmas Vespers
(Fall 2014)
Christmas Vespers
(Fall 2013)
We the Kings, Mayday Parade, and the Downtown Fiction
(Spring 2012)
Christmas Vespers
(Fall 2011)
Pirates of Penzance (Spring 2011)
Travie McCoy Concert (Spring 2011)
Christmas Vespers (Fall 2010)
Ryan Leslie and Day 26 Concert (Spring 2010)