MSMC Theatre

Alumni Testimonials

"My four years at the Mount were some of the best of my life to date! I got hooked on theater in my freshman year. From then on, the Aquinas Hall Theater became a home away from home, and the people in it became a second family. The cameraderie amongst the MSMC thespians was an unbelievable support, which made all of the academic work seem conquerable. There's no better way to cope with the hardships of college life than to slip into character and play with your friends. Some of my happiest memories of college were the many nights of rehearsals, laughing, joking, and finding joy in the work. I am so grateful for the wonderful, well-rounded experiences that MSMC afforded me, and my happiest memories remain behind the curtain in Aquinas Hall."

- Tori Bossi, 2010

"Acting at Mount Saint Mary College was a true blessing for me that changed my life. Being privy to the talent that Mr. Beard possessed and learning under him was a true honor. Finally, it was because of theater at Mount Saint Mary College that I was able to meet the woman that I would marry a couple of years later. Theater was, and will always remain, the best thing that I ever did during my time at Mount Saint Mary College."

- Jacob Cohen Donnelly, 2010

"Theater production was by far the best class I took at the Mount. By both participating in the production itself and working behind the scenes, I learned each facet of what goes into a play. Let's not forget Mr. Beard. Best. Professor. Ever."

- Lisa Catherine, 2009

"I had the most amazing time at MSMC, especially in the theater program. Performing with other students helped me to work on my own acting. And we had the best of the best coaching and pushing us to be the best thespians we can be. House of Blue Leaves was a gift, and I would do it all again if I could."

- Jennifer Morhaus, 2009

"I don't believe I would have survived college without the theater program at the Mount. Not only did I make life-long friends, I learned life-long lessons. Participating in the theater productions taught me discipline, scheduling, public speaking, teamwork, and trust. It helped me learn things about myself, and overcome fears I didn't even know I had (no one else liked climbing the ladder to the catwalk). During my four years at the Mount, I learned as much on that stage as I did in the classrooms. Five years after my final curtain call on the Aquinas stage, former cast members and I still laugh and share inside jokes from the shows. Those memories are timeless, and the most precious I have. I believe that sports teach you to play as a team; the theater teaches you to work as a team."

- Kevin Reavey, 2006

"I have a lot of great memories of the Mount, but the ones I think about most often involve being part of the theater. For the first few years at the Mount, I did a lot of work behind the scenes for the production, however, my senior year I stepped out onto the stage for the Glass Menagerie and that goes down as my favorite memory."

- Margot Denaxas, 2004

"Whether it was acting in Different Stages productions, or those sponsored by the Division of Arts and Letters, the people who made the production taught me that cast mates can be family. The directors, actors, and crew worked cohesively to put together a one-act play, an astonishingly dramatic musical, or a classic comical piece. The resplendent sets, the experienced direction, the gazing audience, and the unsuspecting community all came together for some of the most memorable shows. These collective endeavors were a series of audacious moments that I would never have imagined myself being a part of. The idea that a one-line actor can be just as important as the leading role was one of the greatest educational moments. The ability to perform for over 1,000 people in the Aquinas Theater taught me self-confidence as well as appreciation. It's memories like these that I can look back on, smile, and know that such great traditions continue year after year."

- Mark Gamarra, 1999

"Being involved with the theater was an exciting and deeply important part of my MSMC experience. It taught me how to act on stage, but it also taught me so much more. It taught me how to act as a member of a wonderful community of people, each as important as the next. It taught me how to act as a leader on stage and as a follower in production. It taught me that, working as part of an ensemble, I could be lifelong friends with people I wouldn't have otherwise connected with as closely. It taught me that together, we could accomplish something as a whole that was so much greater than our individual parts. The theater has helped me to act as a better man throughout my life."

- Patrick Joseph Quinn, 1999

"The training I received as a stage manager while studying theater at MSMC provided me with the skills, confidence, and passion to pursue a career in theater. I toured professionally with national theater companies, worked in residence at a renowned production company, and earned an MFA in theater management. The training, nurturing, and encouragement I received at the Mount remains with me to this day."

- Deidre Bullock, 1992

"I benefited immensely from participating in the theater productions. I became more self-assured and creative. I developed friendships, imagination, and confidence. It was probably one of the few things that I can point to definitively that helped me remain in school. The skills I learned here, I was able to directly apply to my teaching. Perseverance, creativity, speaking in front of others, imagination, problem solving by thinking outside the box and not in traditional linear ways."

- Margaret Kissane, 1984

"The theater program has given me so much, right down to life-long friends, to my spouse, whom I met in the theater. It has a much deeper impact on students than some might know."

- Susan McManigal Kleinke