Campus Climate Survey

2016 Campus Experiences Survey of Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Domestic Violence and Stalking

Sexual assault and dating violence have become important concerns on college campuses across the country. Mount Saint Mary College is committed to reducing sexual assault and dating violence through programs that educate and empower our students.

As part of our commitment to promoting a safe environment for the student body, the College administered its first campus experience survey in November 2016 to gauge student’s perception of, and experience with, incidents involving sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking during their time at the Mount.

The survey was administered to all traditional undergraduate students who were at least 18 years of age. Eighteen percent of those sent the survey responded. Following is a summary of results of the survey:


Campus Climate

Most respondents feel safe on campus and believe that there are fewer sexual assaults here than at other colleges:

• 77% of respondents answered that they strongly agree/agree that “I feel safe on the campus of Mount Saint Mary College”.

• Less than 4% of respondents reported that they disagree with the statement “I believe that the number of sexual assaults that occur on the MSMC campus is low compared to other college campuses.”

• Respondents felt the likelihood of being sexually assaulted on-campus was less than it was if occurring off-campus.


College Policies/Procedures

Most of those who received preventative training found it useful, and the majority of respondents understand affirmative consent and the college’s alcohol/drug amnesty policy:

• 73% of respondents who reported receiving training in the prevention of sexual assault said the training was somewhat or very useful.

• 76% or respondents reported knowing the definition of affirmative consent.

• 77% of respondents were aware of the College’s alcohol/drug amnesty policy.


Title IX Awareness

Nine out of ten respondents know the role of the Title IX Coordinator:

• 92% of respondents knew that a role of the Title IX Coordinator is to receive reports of sexual discrimination/sexual assault/sexual misconduct.


Dating/Domestic Violence

One in five respondents has been subjected to violence or intimidation:

• 22% of respondents identified themselves as being subjected at least once to a form of violence or intimidation by a dating or other intimate partner over the past year.



The vast majority of students have not experienced stalking.

• More than 92% of respondents reported they have not been a victim of a form of stalking that made them afraid or concerned for their safety.


Unwanted Sexual Contact/ Sexual Assault

Most victims of unwanted sexual contact told someone about it, and those that reported the incident to the College all felt that the College responded well.

• 89% of respondents reported that during their time at MSMC they have not experienced unwanted sexual contact. Of those that did, 75% responded that they knew the individual.

• While 73% of the victims responded that they told someone about the incident, only 25% reported it to the college or police.

• 100% of respondents who reported an incident of unwanted sexual contact to the institution reported that College officials helped or completely solved the incident.


Bystander Behavior

Students are helping each other avoid bad situations, but need assistance learning how to do so.

• Nearly half of the respondents who said they observed a situation they believe could have led to a sexual assault, intervened. The majority who did not intervene reported that they did not know how.