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Read&Write: Text-to-Speech and more

The Read&Write family of literacy software makes the web, documents, and files more accessible - any time, any place, and on any platform or device. From reading on-screen text aloud to researching and checking written work, Read&Write makes everyday tasks easier.

The benefits of Read&Write for Google Chrome include:

  • An easy to use toolbar that integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and the web
  • Text-to-speech for reading accessible and inaccessible content in Google Docs, PDFs, ePubs, and on the web
  • Tools like talking and picture dictionaries and a translator to support struggling readers or English Language Learners
  • Writing tools like word prediction and voice dictation
  • Colored highlighters for researching and extracting information from documents and the web
  • Typewriter and post-it annotations for PDFs and ePubs in Google Drive

Students can access Read&Write for Google Chrome on all academic computers, including those in the computer labs, Office of Student Success, and the Kaplan Family Library.

Students can also download the program onto their personal devices. Click here to get started.

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