Disability Services

Guidelines for Instructors

Instructor Responsibilities

  • Announce to your classes the school's intention to provide assistance for any students with disabilities by verbal announcement and by a notice on the course syllabus.
  • Refer students to the Office of Disability Services when he or she discloses a disability.
  • Implement pre-determined, in-class adjustments as agreed upon with the student.
  • Contact Disability Services when uncertain about implementation of accommodations.

Course Syllabus Disability Statement

Learning support services and accommodations are available to students covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Institutions of Higher Education are required to notify students that if they have a documented disability they may be eligible for classroom and/or testing accommodations.

Students must also be notified of the procedure for making the request. Including a statement such as the one below on all course outlines will insure proper notification of the required procedures for requesting and receiving academic accommodations.

A statement may be placed on your course syllabus indicating your willingness to provide reasonable classroom and testing accommodations to students with disabilities. This statement acts as an invitation for students with disabilities to meet with you, in a confidential environment, to review course requirements and to discuss their disability-related needs.

You are encouraged to use the following statement on your course syllabus:

It is the policy of Mount Saint Mary College to accommodate students with disabilities in accordance with federal and state laws. If you, as a student with a disability, have difficulty accessing any part of the course materials or activities for this class, please notify the instructor immediately.

Accommodations for test-taking should be arranged in advance. Students with disabilities are encouraged to contact the Disability Services Office as soon as possible so that appropriate accommodations can be determined. Please call the office at 845-569-3638, or email them at disabilityservices@msmc.edu, or access further information at http://msmc.edu/Student_Services/Students_with_Disabilities.

If you have met with the Disability Services Office and have been given an accommodation letter, please make an appointment to speak with me as soon as possible so that we can discuss the logistics and implementation of your accommodations.

Examination Procedures for Instructors

1. Students will now complete an online version of the Exam Scheduling Form.

2. Once the student submits this form, our office will generate an email to you. This email will include:

a. The student original request form.

b. Several questions that will require your response.

c. Since you will need to reply to our office with testing instructions, it is very important that you check your MSMC email on a regular basis.

d. If you either do not have a MSMC email address or use a different primary email, please provide our office with that information as soon as possible.

3. Getting the exam to our office:

a. For your convenience, you can email the exam to our office or hand deliver the exam.

4. Once the exam is completed, we will return it to your department. If you prefer to pick up the exam, please detail this in your instructions.