Disability Services

Scheduling Exams

Taking exams at the Disability Services office is a option provided for students who have approved testing accommodations such as alternate test site, use of computer, exams read, or the assistance of a scribe.

It is recommended that students schedule exams at least four business days in advance in order to use the Disability Services testing facility. Failure to provide adequate notice may result in the accommodations not being available. In cases of pop quizzes, or instructors not providing the class with sufficient notice before an exam, students will be accommodated based on the availability of the Disability Services testing facility and proctors.

In order to schedule exams and quizzes at the Disability Services office, students must complete the online Exam Scheduling Form.

Once this form is completed and submitted to our office, we will contact your instructor to request the exam and any instructions they may have.

Please note that students are required to take exams at the same time as the rest of the class unless special arrangements have been made with instructors. In situations where students have back-to-back classes or evening classes, arrangements may be made to begin exams earlier than the scheduled class time and during the office's regular operating hours.

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Disability Services

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