Health Services

Wellness Programs

The Health Services Wellness Center encourages students to lead a safe and healthy lifestyle. Students are offered health education during all patient visits. Additionally, Health and Wellness Information Tables are conducted regularly, as are dorm and campus-wide presentations. These programs are designed to provide a positive learning and healthy social environment on campus.

Wellness Information Tables

Health and Wellness Information Tables are conducted biweekly in Aquinas Hall at The View. Topics such as smoking cessation, alcohol safety, the benefits of exercise, and stress management are among the areas that may be covered. Students are encouraged to stop by to receive important health information and free giveaways.

The Stress-Less Room

As part of our Wellness Suite, Health Services offers students the use of our "Stress-Less Room," a quiet, private space with ambient lighting where students can enjoy a comfy massage chair while listening to their choice of relaxing music or mindfulness/meditation tracks. We encourage students to make this type of activity a routine part of their lives, thereby decreasing stress levels while improving academic performance and overall wellbeing.

Annual Health and Wellness Fair

Every March, Health Services invites all Mount students, faculty, and staff, as well as the surrounding community, to join us at our free Health and Wellness Fair. Over fifty organizations participate, including top medical facilities, insurance companies, and support groups. MSMC student clubs and on campus departments are also there with creative presentations. The event features important health information, giveaways, raffles, and much more. Health screenings such as bone density, cholesterol, and blood pressure are provided, and free massage sessions are also available.

Influenza (Flu) Vaccination

During the fall, influenza (flu) vaccines are available from our office for a $15 fee. Several flu clinics are conducted at a variety of locations across campus and at different times to accomodate student, staff, and faculty schedules.

Health Services

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