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Add a professional dimension and powerful credentials to your education with an internship experience.

Mount graduates consistently cite their internships as important resources in finding jobs after graduation, or in discovering career paths. Internships combine practical work experiences with academic majors and career goals.

As a student intern, you can:

  • Participate in career-related work experiences that reinforce classroom learning
  • Explore career options and develop your professional work ethic
  • Earn academic credit that satisfies degree requirements
  • Earn a salary

Why intern?

Jessica Lanning '18 (Accounting) -  "In the competitive state of today’s job market, having global work experience under your belt is one of the very best things you can do for your prospective career to broaden your network and differentiate yourself from others."

Gina Zinzi '18 (Nursing) - "Internships are a great opportunity to see into the world of your chosen profession. Textbooks and classroom teaching give us a great knowledge base, but internships allow that knowledge to come to life."

Brittany Ambrosino '16 (Communications) - "An internship is so important to accomplish because it gives you something that a classroom just simply can't. Getting experience in your field will not only prepare you post-graduation, but will give you an advantage against others and will set you apart due to your knowledge and experience!"

Dylan Legg '18 (Business/Finance) - "Before interning, I was learning for a test grade. After interning, I learned to focus and pinpoint important information. I met so many great people who I still talk to, and even to this day, they do all they can to help me succeed."

Heather Sutcliffe '18 (Nursing) - "The training and exposure of the externship was helpful in ways I can’t even quantify. What I found most helpful about this program was it allowed me to experience what it is like to be a nurse. It allowed me the repetition I needed to master and grow more confident in my skills. I feel significantly more confident dealing with patients and different situations, and I owe it completely to the externship."

Learn more

Contact the Career Center for more information on internships at the Mount, or stop into the office to pick up some valuable materials that will help you along.