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Why Study Abroad?

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The Mount's study abroad programs will add tremendous value to your college experience, and add dimension to your education. 

Academics translate to career opportunity

Globalism is this decade's new watchword. Fortune 500 executives have said that they were “much more likely” to hire someone with international experience over a student who had studied only domestically. Employment statistics indicate that language and cross-cultural skills are invaluable assets, and create a hiring advantage across all disciplines. 

Broaden your perspective

Students from all disiplines can successfully complete a degree and travel to a new country and culture. Having a comparative perspective in your field is invaluable. Nurses: what is healthcare like in England? Teachers: what methods of evaluation are used in Laos? IT students: India is on the cutting edge; shouldn’t you be? No matter what your intellectual journey, the global classroom will give you the perspective you need to succeed. 

Competitive edge

When you study abroad, you invest in yourself as a scholar, a global citizen, and a future employee. Your enhanced understanding of our world will offer fresh insight into the economics that affect our society. While abroad, you may have the opportunity to volunteer or intern, helping to gain even more of a competitive edge.

Cultural competency

Cultural competency is regarded highly in all fields. 

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