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Internships are educational experiences that promote academic, personal, and professional development that enable students to combine practical work experiences with academic majors and career goals.

Employers have the opportunity to:

  • Gain access to a pool of qualified, motivated employees.
  • Observe potential long term employees under actual working conditions.
  • Solve short-term employment needs.
  • Improve community relations and visibility.
  • Lower recruitment and training costs.

The Process
To hire an intern:

  • Internships for academic credit require a minimum of 135 hours of work per 15 week semester. Interns must be supervised by an individual with appropriate training and education.
  • Post the opportunity, including a detailed job description, on our Knight Network Jobs Database. The Career Center staff will forward resumes of qualified candidates.
  • Interview candidates of interest and hire the intern of your choice.
  • At the conclusion of the internship, complete an evaluation of the student’s performance on forms provided.

Permanent Employment

Gain access to graduating seniors and alumni in 50 undergraduate degree and 3 graduate degree programs including accounting, business, education, liberal arts, math, information technology, natural sciences, nursing, and social sciences.

Employers have the opportunity to:

  • Quickly hire appropriate candidates with relevant education and skills.
  • Utilize the Career Center to facilitate the hiring process.
  • Employ candidates from a specific geographic area.
  • Build a relationship with the academic community.

The Process
To hire a permanent employee:

  • Post positions on our online Knight Network Job Database. At your request, we will collect and forward resumes to assist you with the process.
  • Recruit on campus. Please complete this form to schedule a date to visit the campus throughout the year.
  • Have graduates contact you directly.

Other ways to support the Career Center

Be a guest speaker. Employers are welcome to participate in workshops and networking events throughout the year. 

Participate in mock interviews. Critique students on their interviewing skills.

Sponsor an event. Gain visibility by donating time, talent or financial support. Our events include Resume Writing, Interview Strategies, Speed Networking, Mock Interviews, Dining Etiquette Dinner, LinkedIn, and more!

Be a Real World Connection. Interact one-on-one with graduating seniors looking for employment opportunities after graduation.