Study Abroad


Country, CityDatesProgram FocusProvider
China, ChengduFall, SpringHumanities, Social Sciences, LanguageISA
China, ChengduMid June-Early AugustChinese Language and Minority StudiesISA
China, ShanghaiEarly June-Early JulyInternationall BusinessCEA
China, ShanghaiFall, SpringInternational BusinessISA
China, ShanghaiFall, SpringLiberal Arts, and BusinessCEA
India, HyderabadFall, SpringFull CurriculumISA
India, MalavliFall, SpringInternship/ Service LearningISA-ELAP
Japan, BeppuFall, SpringFull CurriculumISA
Japan, TokyoFall, SpringAsian Pacific Studies and Intl ManagementISA
Jordon, AmmanFall, SpringArabic Language, Middle Eastern StudiesISA
South Korea, SeoulFall, SpringFull CurriculumISA
Thailand, BangkokFall, SpringFull CurriculumISA


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