Security & Safety

Emergency Phone Locations

Mount Saint Mary College has installed emergency phones throughout campus to provide a means of contacting Security & Safety.

The phones are simple, and easy to use. After pressing the call button, the phone system automatically dials the security dispatcher and reports the location of the caller. After the dispatcher answers, the caller provides information.

In the event the caller cannot provide information, members of Security & Safety will respond to the location of the call to investigate.  All phones have a blue light above them to increase visibility.

Emergency phone locations:

  • Guzman Hall commuter parking lot
  • Guzman Hall walkway to Whittaker Hall
  • Aquinas Hall rear parking lot
  • Lower Bishop Dunn parking lot
  • Upper Bishop Dunn parking lot
  • Villa parking lot
  • Hudson Hall parking lot
  • Hudson Hall satellite parking lot
  • Kaplan athletic field
  • Sakac Hall rear parking lot
  • South side of Sakac Hall
  • Stairway at the north side of Sakac Hall
  • Powell Avenue sidewalk near CC392/CC408
  • Sidewalk in front of CC4
  • Sidewalk in front of CC21
  • Sidewalk in front of 35 Elmwood
  • CC9 rear parking lot
  • CC4 rear walkway to CC408
  • Sidewalk behind 35 Elmwood
  • Sidewalk in front of Garden Apartments
  • Roadway from Bishop Dunn to the Dominican Center
  • Powell Ave. parking lot-north end
  • Powell Ave. parking lot-south end