Security & Safety

Safety Tips

Personal Safety Tips


1. Take an active role in your personal safety. Personal safety starts with you.

2. Remember that a college campus is part of the real world. A crime can occur anywhere, involve anyone, and take place at any time.

3. Keep emergency numbers near or on your phone. Report all suspicious activity, thefts, and other criminal activity immediately.

4. Consider your instinct and intuition-trust them.

5. Be aware of your surroundings. At night, walk in well lit areas, and try to avoid walking alone.

6. Never hitchhike and never pick up hitchhikers. Do not accept rides from strangers.

7. If approached while in your vehicle, close windows and drive away when safe to do so. Keep your vehicle in good running condition. Always lock your car, and remove all packages and valuables.

8. Never give out personal information about yourself or others to strangers or over the phone or internet. When using a phone, face outward to be aware of what is happening around you.

9. Do not attach your college ID or your home address to your key ring.

10. Do not leave books and personal property unattended in lounges, the dining hall, or the library.

11. Report obscene or harassing phone calls to the Security & Safety Department.

12. If you observe a crime, take note of any and all information which may be of assistance to security or the police. When possible, try to obtain a description of the individual who committed a crime, or a plate number of the vehicle used in the commission of a crime.

13. “Think Safety.” Plan your daily schedule with your personal safety in mind.

14. Some Do’s and Don’ts in residence halls or at home:


  • Leave jewelry and valuable items at home.
  • Keep items brought to residence halls in a safe location.
  • Keep doors and windows locked.
  • Participate in the property ID program.


  • Open doors to strangers.
  • Prop open doors or alter in any manner so that it will not close properly.
  • Leave extra keys lying around.
  • Dress in front of a window.
  • Carry large amounts of cash.