Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress

In accordance with new Federal regulations on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), the College has established Financial Aid SAP requirements that all students must meet in order to remain eligible for Federal Title IV student aid. Title IV Student Aid Programs include but are not limited to: Pell Grant, SEOG, TEACH grant, Federal Work-Study, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Nursing Loan, and all Federal Direct student loans including the Federal Direct Parent Loan.

SAP is divided into two major components: Qualitative (GPA based) and Pace (length of program). By the end of a student’s second year (or 4 academic semesters), a student must have a cumulative GPA of at least a “C” (2.0), and have an academic standing consistent with the College’s requirements for graduation, as found in the college catalog. Financial Aid SAP is reviewed at the end of each academic year.


Student has completed four academic semesters and is at the end of her second year.

Nursing Progress

The College may, on a case by case basis, determine that a student is making satisfactory academic progress even though a student does not satisfy the requirements above if it is determined that the student’s failure to meet those requirements was based upon:

  1. The death of a relative of the student;
  2. An injury or illness of the student; or
  3. Other special circumstances – Active duty assignment, unsolicited job change, involuntary work schedule or work transfer.

In order to be considered for a Financial Aid SAP appeal, you must file the SAP appeal form found under the FA main page, forms you may need. No other format will be accepted. A student must provide appropriate documents from a doctor, hospital, Records Bureau, employer etc., in order to support the request for an appeal. Instructions for the SAP appeal form are on our website If a student is not making satisfactory progress at the end of the second year; but at the end of a subsequent grading period returns to compliance, the College may classify the student as making satisfactory progress beginning with the next grading period.


Pace refers to the length it takes to complete a program of study. A student must consistently take and successfully complete courses that count toward his degree, and the degree must be earned within 150% of the published length of the program. For a Bachelor’s degree, a student may receive financial aid for a maximum of 180 attempted credits. Undergraduate students seeking a second Bachelor’s degree may receive financial aid for an additional 90 credits. Graduate students are allowed a total of: MBA - 82 credits, MS in Nursing or Education – 67 credits.

Pace is measured by dividing the cumulative number of hours a student has successfully completed by the number of hours the student has attempted. Remedial coursework is excluded from the Pace calculation, but transfer hours accepted by the Mount towards the student’s program are included.

“AW” Grades – Do not affect GPA and will not be counted towards academic progress.

“W” Grades – Grade assigned between 2nd week and third week past mid-semester. “W” grades do not affect GPA; no credit or quality points given. Count towards academic progress as hours attempted.

Incomplete – Students normally have 5 weeks to complete coursework. An Incomplete reverts to an “F” grade if not completed. Count towards academic progress as hours attempted.

Repeat Coursework – are counted towards academic progress and GPA, and a student may repeat a previously passed course once. He or she may repeat an “F” grade course until it is passed.

SAP Appeals If a student is not making SAP, he or she may submit an appeal. An appeal may be approved only if the College:

  1. Has determined that the student will be able to meet SAP standards after the subsequent payment period or;
  2. Develops an academic plan that, if followed, will ensure that the student is able to meet SAP by a specific point in time. Failure to maintain progress on an academic plan will result in final loss of Title IV aid. Application forms and instructions for a Financial Aid SAP appeal are found on this website under Forms you may need. No other format will be accepted.

FA Probation

FA probation is the status that is assigned to a student who fails to make SAP, and who has successfully appealed and has had eligibility for aid reinstated. A student on FA probation may receive Title IV funds for one payment period. At the end of the payment period, a student must meet FA satisfactory academic progress or the requirements of the individual academic plan to maintain Title IV eligibility. Failure to remain compliant with an individualized plan will mean final loss of financial aid.


Notification of the results of an evaluation that impacts a student’s Title IV eligibility will be sent to students at the end of the academic year.