Student Financial Services

Tuition and Fees 2020-2021

Rates are effective the fall 2020 traditional semester and accelerated session C 2020.


Full-time Traditional — Freshman and Transfers


Flat rate between 12 and 16 credits                      (Note: Full-time is 12 or more credits)

$16,563 per semester
$33,126 annually
Less than 12 credits, or greater than 16 credits 

$1,105 per credit

General Fee, Full-time$643 per semester
New Student Fee$266 one time fee
Laundry Fee$41 per semester
Return Check Fee$25
Late Payment Fee$200
Room and Board - UndergraduateCost
Regular Room$4,825 per semester
Single Room$5,389 per semester
Board$3,504 per semester
Room & Board, Regular Room$8,329 per semester
Room & Board, Single Room$8,893 per semester
Room & Board$17,786 annually
Early Move In Fee$50 per day

Triple Room Discount Policy effective July 1, 2016: Any first-year student occupying a triple room by October 1, and not offered the option to relocate to a double room, will have a $500 semester discount applied to room fees for that term. Students offered the option to relocate to a double room prior to October 1, but decline, will not be eligible for such a discount.

Part-time Undergraduate Non-Traditional Student

Degree Completion$735 per credit
Study Abroad$735 per credit
Summer Courses$735 per credit
West Point/Stewart Location: Reduced Rate & Online Courses$250 per credit
Military on MSMC Campus: Reduced Rate in Class$575 per credit
General Fee, Part-time and Non-Trad$95 per semester
Return Check Fee$25
Late Payment Fee$200



Graduate Student

Tuition (Note: Full-time is 9 or more credits)$886 per credit
25% Discount (Alumni, Partnership Discount & Military)$665 per credit
General Fee$95 per semester
Nursing Clinical$105 per applicable course
Return Check Fee$25
Late Payment Fee$200
Room and Board - GraduateCost
Room$5,389 per semester
Board$3,504 per semester
Room & Board$8,893 per semester
$17,785 annually
Military Housing (Includes 500 meal point/Fall & Spring)Cost
Room$875 per month
$4,375 per semester
Summer Room$1,750


1Education-Taskstream Fees are applicable to education majors each fall semester, over a period of four academic years (freshman through senior).

2Nursing Clinical Fees total $500, and are applicable in $100 increments when nursing students attend five of the following core courses:


  • Undergraduate Traditional/Non-Traditional Programs – NUR-2024, NUR-3013, NUR-3800, NUR-3800, NUR-3022, NUR-4020, NUR-3051, NUR-4052


  • Nurse Practitioner Master’s and Post Master’s Certificate Programs – NUR-6230, NUR-6220, NUR-6230, NUR-6281, NUR-6291, NUR-6270

3Nursing Exam Fee applicable when nursing students attend NUR-2044, HLT-3040, NUR-3001.

4Nursing Simulation Lab Fee applicable when nursing students attend NUR-2044,  NUR-3013, NUR-3051.

5Nursing NCLEX Prep Course Fee applicable when nursing students attend NUR-4060. (Previously $400, reduced to $325 as of the Spring 2020 term.)


5-Year Education Majors attending both graduate and undergraduate courses (within the same academic term) receive per credit tuition billing at the respective graduate and undergraduate rates.


Mount Alumni: Students who earned a bachelor's degree from the Mount (with the exception of 5-year bachelor's/master's degree scholarship students) may receive a 25% reduction to graduate tuition! Come back to the Mount for a graduate degree, save money, and improve your range of possibilities in a competitive job market.


Tuition and fees are accurate as of the most recent update in February 2020.