Writing Center

Writing Center Staff

Writing Center Director

Gina R. Evers directs the on-campus Writing Center at Mount Saint Mary College. In this capacity, she hires, trains, and supervises the Writing Center staff; collaborates with Mount faculty and staff on writing-across-the-curriculum initiatives; develops co-curricular, writing-related programs and celebrations; and oversees the day-to-day administration of the Writing Center.

Evers holds a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from American University and a Bachelor of Arts in Writing from Ithaca College. Prior to her work at the Mount, Evers taught College Writing courses at American University, where she also tutored a diverse student population in two different writing-center environments. Evers has worked within the field of higher education for the past 10 years, serving in the areas of residential life and judicial affairs, campus activities, and alumni relations. She is also a published poet and nonfiction writer. Evers is originally from Chicago, Ill. She can be contacted at either gina.evers@msmc.edu or 845-569-3626.

Writing Center Coordinator

Mark Cassetta is the Writing Center Coordinator at Mount Saint Mary College. In addition to welcoming visitors into the Writing Center (WC), he is responsible for managing the WC schedule, maintaining its web presence, coordinating events, and collaborating with work-study students.

Cassetta graduated from Marist College, where he worked as a professional tutor in the Writing Center for five years. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in English/Writing with a minor in Psychology. Currently he is working on a five-novel YA fantasy series and hopes to be published by a major publishing company. He can be contacted at mark.cassetta@msmc.edu or 845-569-3629.

Writing Center Tutors

Writing Center Tutors are current Mount Saint Mary College students who assist their peers in all stages of the writing process. Through one-on-one, fifty-minute consultations, tutors can help students brainstorm and organize ideas; structure sentences, paragraphs, and essays; strengthen their arguments; incorporate research and appropriate systems of citation into their writing; improve their grammar and style; and more! Writing Center Tutors are also involved in planning and facilitating writing-related, on-campus events.

Allyson Sickler is a junior at Mount Saint Mary College. She is currently studying Psychology and Criminology with a concentration in Juvenile Justice. Along with being a Writing Center tutor, Allyson is also a note taker and test proctor for the Office of Disability Services. She enjoys ending a busy day with a book in hand. Some strengths she is able to offer include organization, brainstorming, and outlining. Allyson is a local to the area; she resides in Newburgh, NY.

Danielle Petricca is a junior at Mount Saint Mary College. She is an English major with a concentration in Adolescent and Special Education. Danielle is a student ambassador; she also acts in the main stage productions at MSMC. A handful of things Danielle is passionate about include reading, writing, theatre, education, feminism, The Office, and horror movies/books. She has been reading and writing her whole life and will continue to do so forever. Ask her to show you her book tattoo on her ankle - she won’t bite! Danielle is from Long Island, NY.

Elyana Feliciano is a sophomore at Mount Saint Mary College. She is currently studying Psychology with an English minor. Elyana is active on campus as an Admissions ambassador, work-study in Student Activities, and as the secretary of the Latino Student Union (LSU). One day she hopes to become an author of a children’s book. Working as a Writing Center tutor is her next step to becoming a better reader and writer. She believes that writing is an art form that is not just for displaying facts. Her strengths include organization, research, grammar, revision, argument, and sentence structure. She is from Brooklyn, NY.

Tam Lam is a junior at Mount Saint Mary College. She is currently studying Nursing. Tam serves as secretary of the Nursing Student Union on campus and has tutored English as a Second Language (ESL) to elementary school students. Tam has also tutored English at both the high school and college level. Some of her strengths include organization, planning, and grammatical revision. Tam is from Marlboro, NY.

Troy Watson is a junior at Mount Saint Mary College. He is an English major seeking a dual certification in Adolescent and Special Education. On campus he works as the stage manager for MSMC Theatre and does work with Different Stages, another theater club on campus. Troy loves writing essays on literature and won the 2017 MSMC Writing Contest with his essay “Gulliver’s Travels  and Colonialism.” Additionally he is currently writing a script for “Does It Make a Sound?” - a play he hopes to produce at the Mount. He is especially good at thesis development and structuring essays. Troy is a commuter from Marlboro, NY.

Kelsey Simeone  is a junior at Mount Saint Mary College. She is currently studying English and Childhood Education with Special Education and Early Childhood Extension with a double minor in Psychology and Mathematics. She is the vice president of the Love Your Melon Campus Crew and is also a Leadership Scholar, an Admissions ambassador, and a member of the Honors Program. Her strengths include organization and outlining. Kelsey is originally from Newington, CT.

 Michelle Giannetta is a sophomore at Mount Saint Mary College. She is majoring in Psychology/ Physical Therapy and is an active member of the Beginnings in Psychological Science Club on campus. She enjoys reading when she gets a chance to relax from her busy schedule. While employed at her local library, she has spent time tutoring English as a Second Language (ESL) elementary school students. She has also assisted teachers at a nursery school camp for children ages two to five. Some of her strengths in writing include grammatical revision and organization. She is from Westchester, NY.

Writing Center Work-Study Students

Mount Saint Mary College work-study students are a vital asset to the Writing Center. Our students aid in welcoming visitors into the office, and assist in the important behind-the-scenes duties that are important in ensuring the Writing Center runs smoothly. Work-study students are also involved in the planning and facilitating of writing-related, on-campus events.

Jacob Coston is a freshman from Cornwall, New York, which is about 20 minutes from the Mount. Currently he is a Childhood Education/History major. Jacob’s choice of major stems from his love for working with children. He hopes to be a 4th/5th grade teacher. When not in class, Jacob represents the college on the basketball court. Free time consists of working out and playing video games.

Fiona Jamieson is a freshman at the Mount majoring in English with a minor in Journalism. She aspires to be a travel/stringer journalist. She loves exploration, nature, and animals, and is interested in traveling the world. An active and experienced writer, Fiona has been published in a book on war veterans; her essay – a story covering World War II in the Pacific – was prominently featured. Her hobbies consist of reading, writing, hiking, and singing. Fiona is originally from Hartland, Connecticut.

Owen Normanis a freshman from the Bronx. He is originally from Jamaica. Owen is majoring in Business with a concentration in Sports Management and a minor in Psychology, a minor he believes will allow him to get inside the mind of student and professional athletes. When not in class, Owen is a member of the Anime Club and the Gaming Group. Both focus on unwinding and having fun through a variety of activities such as video games, board games, karaoke, anime music videos, and more.

Lindsay Ostrander is a junior at Mount Saint Mary College. She is majoring in Nursing with a minor in Theatre. Her hobbies include singing, improvisational comedy, and photography. She is also the treasurer of the Literary Society at MSMC, a new book club for lovers of literature. Ostrander is a local native of the Hudson Valley.

Brea Smith is currently a freshman at the Mount. She is majoring in English Education (five-year program). She loves reading. A lot. In fact, during the summer of 2012, she read more than 30 books to win her school’s book-a-thon. She also has a passion for writing and hopes to one day have a book of her own published. In her free time, Brea enjoys helping others, planning fundraisers, going on midnight runs, and helping people with disabilities have fun and be more comfortable in school.

Nick Tucker is a member of the Class of 2021 at Mount Saint Mary College. Currently majoring in Psychology with a minor in Criminology, his end goal is to be a criminal psychiatrist. He greatly enjoys having long philosophical conversations on the complexities of life and spending time with his friends. Nick is extremely personable and has a welcoming personality he shares with all individuals he meets. He is a member of numerous clubs at the Mount such as C.I.R.C.L.E., Catholic Relief Services, Essence of Poetry, Latino Student Union, and several more.

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