Heritage Wall

The Dominican Heritage Wall is located on the first floor of Aquinas Hall, between the Trustees Room and the Student Services wing. Get an overview of Mount history with this display of Dominican Heritage, available for viewing whenever the building is open.

Dominican Heritage Wall 
Our founders, the Dominican Sisters
The sisters of Saint Dominic, originally from Germany came to New York City in 1853. 
In 1883, at the request of the pastor of Saint Mary's Parish, four Dominican Sisters from Manhattan established Mount Saint Mary Academy on the former McAlpine estate on Gidney Avenue in Newburgh. By 1899, the Sisters had relocated their motherhouse from Seconf Street in Manhattan to Newburgh and had become the Dominican Sisters of the Most Holy Rosary.Dominican Heritage Wall 
The Estates
A drawing of the McAlpine and Van Duzer estates show liberty street and the former gatehouse in the foreground. The entrance road leads up the hill to the Villa Madonna and the carriage house that later bacame Whittaker Hall. At the far left there is a large white building that was once the first home of Mount Saint Mary Academy.Dominican Heritage Wall 
The Campus Takes Shape
In 1913, the Sisters bought the adjacent Van Duzer Estate and renamed the mansion the Villa Madonna. A storehouse served as the foundation for a new elementary school, called the Casa San Jose. The carriage house (now Whittaker Hall) became the Domus Angelorum Music School.
As enrollment grew the Sisters raised  funds for a new home for Mount Saint Mary Academy. Greater Mount Saint Mary ( the Dominican Center) opened in 1982. It housed the Academy and its boarding students and served as the motherhouse for the Sisters for more than eight decades.Dominican Heritage Wall 
The Chapel
In this 1927 View fromt he Powell Avenue side of Greater Mount Saint Mary, you can see the Chapel of the Most Holy Rosary rising on the west side of the Dominican Center.

Dominican Heritage Wall 
Greater Mount Saint Mary 
As the Sisters' reputation for teaching excellence grew, it became clear that they needed a teacher training program. 
In 1930, the New York State Education Department certified the Mount Saint Mary Normal and TEaching School.
The Sisters opened a new grade school in 1950 and named it after their benefactor and friend, Bishop John Joseph Dunn. The Normal and Teaching School became a junior college in 1955,  situated in the Villa Madonna. The building  included classrooms, labs, and a library; later, it would include residence rooms.

Dominican Heritage Wall 
Aerial of Mount Saint MAry College Campus Dominican Heritage Wall 
Domus Angelorum
The former carriage house and music school was renamed Whittaker Hall in 1974

Dominican Heritage Wall 
Mount Saint Mary College
The four year college opened in 1960, and by 1961 had 166 full and part time students. 
The first new academic building, aquinas hall, was dedicated in 1963. Guzman hall also opened that year as a novitiate for the sisters.
The new college, with a distinctive liberal arts focus, featured an impressive three-floor library and state of the art classrooms and laboratories for teacher education and science studies.
The first class at Mount Saint Mary College graduated in 1964
Dominican Heritage Wall 
Classrooms with a view  In addition to an 1,100 square foot theater and a 3 floor library. Aquinas hall featured a state of the art language lab when it opened in 1963Dominican Heritage Wall
"Mount Saint MAry is here to stay and you can look for big things from it for years ahead- Sister Mary Consilia O'Brian