Fifth Grade Summer Reading List

Summer Reading Assignment:  DUE DATE: AUGUST 30, 2019 

You must read one of these novels from the summer reading list that I posted on the slide-show. 

The War that Saved My Life
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson
Ninth Ward
Turning 15 on the War to Freedom

Part 1: Write a blog about the book: 

For this task, students will compose 2 paragraphs that should include the following components: 

● Introduction to the book including title and author. The summary which includes a brief description of the story (include the setting, characters, and plot): 7-9 sentences 

● Personal opinion: a paragraph detailing your personal thoughts about the book: (7 - 9 sentences) 

- Did you enjoy the book? Why or why not? - Would you recommend it to a friend? 


Part 2: Choose one of the following books to read. (Also from the list posted) 
Ghandi, The Girl from Chimel, The Color of Home, Etched in Clay: The Life of Dave Enslaved Potter and Poet,
Yasmin's Hammer.

Write a response to this book and include the following: 

● A summary of the book. 

● Personal opinion including your thoughts about the book (this should include colorful illustrations and the topic of “human rights.” 

Part 3:

  • Read a book of your choice and add one slide with a picture and short description of why a friend should read the book too!