Fifth Grade Writer's Workshop and Reader's Workshop

Writer's Workshop:
As the students move from childhood to adolescence, we will be encouraging the students to find their voices as writers.  What is Writer's Workshop?
- Mini-Lesson (5-15 minutes)
: This is where a short lesson is taught that focuses                      on a single topic that will help students with their writing.  This is usually 2-3 times per week.
-Status of the Class (5 minutes):  Finding out where each student is in the writing process.
-Writing Time (20-30 minutes):  Students write!  I will conference with individual students or small groups during this time.
-Sharing (5-10 minutes):   Writers will share what they have written.  The class will offer positive feedback.

Assured Writing pieces will include:

  • personal narratives- Summer Event
  • Spooky Scary Story
  • literary response (Esperanza Rising)
  • biographies (religious saints)
  • writing like a scientist (ecosystems/biomes)
  • compare and contrast 
  • poetry
  • persuasive essay

READER'S WORKSHOP SKILLS: Evidence based terms, "I Wonder" strategy, making inferences, using Post-Its, steps in a process, setting, character traits, main idea and supporting  details, compare and contrast, determining theme of a story, and identifying text structures in both fiction and non-fiction passages.

We use the Common Core Modules:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Esperanza Rising!
Natural Disasters
Athlete Unit