Kindergarten Classroom Rules and Policies


Curriculum Time:     Our school day officially starts at 7:50a.m.  If you would like your child to participate in all activities, please have them in school before 7:50a.m.  Each morning at 7:40 we join the rest of the school in the gym for daily prayers, the pledge of allegiance and any messages for our school day. Your child will be marked late if they come in after 7:50a.m.  If your child rides the bus to school, the bus will drop them off and the child will enter through the gym doors and go to our class spot in the gym.  If your child arrives by car and enters through the lobby, your child can wait with our 8th grade service students or come directly up to the gym. Mr. Berry (the physical education teacher) will supervise the children from 7:30 to 7:40 and I will join the children in the gym at 7:40

 A newsletter is sent home each month listing the academic and skill areas along with important parent information.  Every two months your child will also bring home a word list.  Please review the words with your child and have him or her use the words in sentences.  In class we will be using the words for various activities.  The monthly newsletter and word lists for the school year are available on the Bishop Dunn website.  The first wordlist will come home in October.


Discipline:  We feel that it is best to relate to the children in positive ways.  They will receive lots of praise and positive input for good behavior and hard work.  We do expect the children to obey the rules in the classroom and outside.


Classroom Rules:

  1. Listen carefully
  2. Keep hands and feet to yourself
  3. Follow directions
  4. Raise your hand if you have something to say
  5. Show respect and kindness to your classmates
  6. Try your best

A strip chart behavior management system is used.  Each day your child starts out on green.  If we need to speak to your child about following the rules, you child will be asked to pull a strip and will now be on yellow.  If we need to speak to your child again about a rule, your child will pull his or her next strip and will now be on red.  If this should happen again, your child will pull his or her last strip.  When this happens a note will be sent home letting you know why all three strips had to be pulled.  A note is only sent home after all three strips have been pulled.  Please note that each time a strip is pulled, we discuss with your child why he or she is pulling a strip and what behavior would have been a better choice.  Each day that your child does not pull all three strips, he or she will receive a sticker on his or her chart.  When the sticker chart is filled, your child will be able to go to the “Prize Bear.”  It is very common for the children to come home each day and tell you who has pulled strips.  This is your child’s way of telling you “look at me I am doing the right thing.”

We also have a “Caught You Being Good” sticker basket.  Throughout the day we are looking to reward the children who are doing kind deeds as well as those who are listening and following directions.  The children place any stickers they earn from the basket on their folders.  Stickers are also given for any compliments we receive in the hallway for hallway behavior or from a special teacher for exceptional work.

We work together as a class to spell the word SURPRISE.  Each day that the children, as an entire class, work hard and follow directions the class earns a letter in SURPRISE.  When the children have spelled SURPRISE, they earn:  extra recess, extra toy time, a special movie, or game time.  Each child is also able to go to our small bear treasure chest and get a small prize.  This activity of spelling SURPRISE helps to promote the importance of working together and the idea that we are all part of the same class.

Homework and Projects:  Children will receive weekly homework assignments. These assignments should be worked on during the week and returned on Friday of that same week.  Please allow your child to work on the assignments at a leisurely pace.  Homework will be sent home beginning Monday, September 16. Each month your child will bring home a different project to complete.  The projects are set around the different topics that we are working on.  A note will always accompany the project, explaining what needs to be done and when the project is due.

 Daily Folder:  One of the folders that you supply will serve as your child’s parent/teacher folder.  This folder will serve as a means of communication between you and the school.  Your child will be responsible for bringing his or her folder to school and handing it in on a daily basis.  Please be sure to check and empty the folder each night.

Drinks and Hot Lunch:  Info about our hot lunch program is on the website.  You may send in items to be microwaved.  Please do not send in the microwavable store bought cups of macaroni and cheese.  These items take a very long time to microwave (3 ½ minutes).  We do ask each child to eat at least half of his or her lunch each day. 

Snack:  The children will have a snack each morning between 8:50 and 9:10 a.m.  Please send your child to school with a juice box or water and a nutritious snack i.e.:  fruit, vegetables, crackers, yogurt, etc.  Please do not send in glass bottles for snack or lunch drinks.

Dismissal:  If you are picking up your child after school, please be sure to wait for him or her in the car dismissal line.  Dismissal is at 2:35 p.m.  Please be sure to send in a note or call school before 2 o’clock, if there will be a change in your child’s regular dismissal procedure.  Email is not the best way to inform me of any dismissal changes as I do not always check email during the school day.

Seats at the Table and Rug:  Seats at the table are changed after each first Friday of the month.  Spots on the rug are changed at the end of each quarter.  This gives the children the opportunity to work and play with different friends each month.

Birthdays:  Birthday treats…gladly.  Please let us know a week before to avoid any conflicts.  On the morning of your child’s birthday, please bring the treat to school and place on the table by the windows.  We will pass out the birthday treat during snack time.  Goodie bags and balloons are not permitted.  If your child has a birthday in July or August, we will contact you in June to make arrangements to celebrate your child’s birthday.  Any child with an allergy or dietary need we will request that your send in a special treat from home that you know is safe for your child to have during birthday celebrations.

Attending Church Services:  We do attend the Thanksgiving and Christmas Prayer Service.  We start attending first Friday mass and any other services in January.

Uniforms: Uniforms may be purchased at Little Darlings in Wappingers Falls or from Donnelly’s, the uniform supply company that the school uses.  Please also visit the uniform exchange table for extra pieces.  The table will be available during the first few weeks of school.  Please see the Bishop Dunn handbook for approved uniform combinations for your child. 


-Please call school by 8 a.m. and inform us if your child will be absent.  Also, please send a note to school with your child the day he/she returns from an absence.  In the note please state the reason for the absence.  Without a note your child’s absence is recorded as an illegal absence from school.

-If you are planning a vacation during school time, any class work missed will be made up after your child has returned.  Some of the work will be completed at school and other work will be sent home for you to complete.  The only work we may be able to send home ahead of time is the homework packet for the week.  Please keep this information in mind for your planning purposes.

-Sharing starts in October.  A calendar will be sent home each month, listing your child’s sharing day.  This is your child’s opportunity to bring in a special item, souvenir, toy, photograph, book, etc. to share with the class.  The item will be left in your child’s bookbag.  The sharing schedule will also be available on the Bishop Dunn website.

-Children are not allowed to bring home toys to school unless it is your child’s sharing day.  Toys get broken and given away without parent or teacher permission and many times there are also disputes about ownership of the toy.

-On a half-day of school, dismissal is at 11:15 a.m.  On those days, the children will still need to bring a snack to school for snack time.