Kindergarten Sharing Schedule

Sharing starts each school year in October 

Sharing schedule for the month is posted at the bottom

As part of our oral language program, we have “sharing” in our class. Two children each day bring a special toy, book, picture, poem, tape, etc. to class to show the other children and tell about it. Please no toy weapons, toys related to war or violence, or pets. Please help your child describe what he/she is bringing to class (e.g. what it is, how it works, where he/she received or bought it from, etc.). Practice at home using complete sentences, so your child will feel comfortable telling about his/her special item. After your child has shared the item with the class, he/she will be able to answer three questions from the children in the class. The children enjoy being the teacher and teaching us about the item. Your child will leave his/her sharing item in the closet until sharing time. When sharing is finished, the item will be returned to your child’s book bag or closet hook. Your child’s sharing day is listed on the attached calendar to the monthly newsletter. Your child’s sharing day is also your child’s day at the computer in the classroom during table toy time. We remind your child the day before to bring an item to share. If your child forgets to bring in an item on his/her sharing day, your child has to wait until his/her next turn to share an item with the class. If your child is absent on his or her sharing day, please have your child bring an item in on the day that he or she returns to school. If you have any questions about the sharing program, please just let us know.

Sharing Schedule

McKenna -- November 14

Valene -- November 20

Roman - November 6, 20

Emma -- November 6, 21

William -- November 7, 21

Alia -- November 7, 26

Madison -- November 12, 26

Jasmine -- November 12

Otylia --November 13

Jayden -- November 13

Abby -- November 19

Blake -- November 14

Mia -- November 19