Teacher:  Mrs. Nicole Purdy
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About the Teacher:

Nicole Purdy graduated from Mount Saint Mary College undergraduate in 2003 and with her Master’s in 2006. Nicole is a member of Kappa Delta Pi and Alpha Chi. She is certified Pre-K through 12 Special Education, Pre-K through 6 Elementary Education, and she has her Middle School Extension 7-9 in Math. Nicole has worked at Bishop Dunn since 2000. She started working as a teacher’s assistance while still in college. After graduating she was hired as the middle school math teacher she and will be starting her 16th year educating the students at BDMS this upcoming September. Nicole enjoys working with the middle school team and collaborating with her colleges to instruct her students. She believes in educating the whole student and that children learn best in an interactive, challenging, and fun learning environment where they are comfortable to be themselves and thrive. She tries to instill a sense of independence in the students so that they are able to think outside the box as well as become autonomous thinkers/learners. Nicole wants to instill a love of learning in all her students; she believes that knowledge is power.


About the Class:

Currently offered in the middle school math program is a traditional regents level program as well as an accelerated program for all three-grade levels. The curriculum consists of grade six through grade nine mathematics (Algebra 1 ). The middle school math program follows the Common Core Math Standards for all four curriculums.  Preparing students with a work ethic useful in high school is a goal of this program.  Classroom assessments and activities include the following: tests, quizzes, homework assignments, class participation, cooperative learning, as well as drill and practice.