Social Studies

Teacher:  Ms.Caitlin Bonanno
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About the Teacher:

Caitlin Bonanno is a 2017 Graduate of Mount Saint Mary College. From an early age she always knew she had a love of history and a love of children. She decided to pursue her goals and obtained her undergraduate degree in, and has her certification in, history and adolescent education (grades 7-12), as well as special education (grades 7-12). She is currently working on her master’s degree in grades 5-12 literacy at Mount Saint Mary College. Caitlin has worked extensively in volunteer positions helping children with special education needs through Kappa Delta Pi, an international education society, as well as through her church. As a new teacher, she brings a youthfulness to the classroom and as much as her students learn from her, she also learns from them.

Teaching Philosophy 

"Let us learn from the past, live wisely in the present, and prepare for the future.” ~ Mr. Guerriero

The Middle School Social Studies curriculum is presented in accordance with the New York State and Common Core Standards which include: History of the United States and New York, World History, Geography, Economics, Civics, Citizenship, and Government.  One important goal of our social studies curriculum is to prepare our students to be active citizens.  Students need to understand the past to help them make educated decisions today and tomorrow.  Other subject disciplines will be integrated with the Social Studies curriculum. Art, literature, math, science, and value systems all contribute to the students' understanding of the United States and the world. Educational field trips are also an important source of firsthand information that broadens the scope of student knowledge.