Second Grade Curriculum Overview

The second grade religion program prepares the children for their first celebration of the sacraments of Penance and Eucharist.

The reading/language arts program focuses on the development and encouragement of fluent readers, articulate writers and speakers, and discerning listeners and viewers.

The math program stresses the child's need to know basic facts and skills, and provides reading strategies for problem solving.

The science program is based on the National Science Education Standards and NY State Science Framework. The second grade skills areas are Live Science - Plants, Animals, Fossils; Physical Science - Matter, Sounds, Heat, and Light, Force, Magnets and Electricity; Earth Science - The Earth, Weather and Seasons, The Solar System; Human Body - How Your Body Works, Nutrition, Keeping Healthy.

The social studies program helps the children explore their world and see how they can contribute as individuals. The key Social Studies strands are Citizenship, Culture, Economics, Geography, Government, History, Science and Technology.