Third Grade Curriculum Overview

A Day in the Life of a 3rd Grader

Each day students are immersed in a wide variety of subjects and topics.  Listed below are short descriptions of each aspect of our day.

Reader's Workshop

Students read a variety of self-selected and teacher selected text for extended periods. They work with teachers during this time to develop a love of reading and the comprehension strategies that will help them to succeed while reading both fiction and nonfiction texts. They construct meaning and make personal and textual connections as they learn from and about reading. Students also work on their writing skills by working of choice topics as well as teacher given topics.  Mini-lessons are used to provide direct instruction allowing the teacher to act as a model author.  Students also use mentor texts to see how other writers use different styles and language. Finally, students develop their vocabulary and grammar skills by using these skills in their writing and text decoding.

Word Study 

Each day we devote time to enhance our knowledge of language. Students explore the intricacies of language across multiple genres including literature, informational texts, and poetry. They investigate the conventions and forms of written language by completing word sorts and applying various spelling features to their daily writing.


Using the Common Core Curriculum, students will read a variety of fiction and nonfiction texts.  They will use Close Reading Strategies to deeply read and understand a text.  Students will also develop their listening, speaking, and writing skills.  For more information on the 3rd Grade ELA Curriculum please visit EngageNY.


Using the Common Core Curriculum, students study topics including multiplication, division, measurement, fractions, solving word problems, and geometry.  Each day students work with a teacher to complete the problem set focusing a the specific topic for the day.  They will practice their fact fluency through work in centers and given sprints.  For more information on the 3rd Grade Math Curriculum please visit EngageNY.

Science/Social Studies

In science, we cover a broad spectrum of areas which include earth science, life science,  physical science, space, and technology. In social studies we study different types of communities and what it is like to be a member of each community. To supplement of Science and Social Studies curriculum students read a variety of articles in Time for Kids Magazine. Science and Social Studies is  also addressed using the New York State ELA modules.


The religion curriculum is Walking by Faith which concentrates on the law of love. Bishop Dunn encourages the children to follow different virtues such as compassion, caring, respect, cooperation, patience, courtesy, courage, understanding, wisdom, and generosity.

Field Trips

The third grade class participates in field trips to enhance their curriculum throughout the school year. Some of our past adventures include Howe Caverns, The Walkway over the Hudson, Radio City Music Hall, and The Hudson Highlands Museum.


Beginning in 3rd Grade, students are required to participate in two New York State standardized tests. The New York State English Language Arts Test is given in May to assess skills in reading, writing and listening. The New York State Mathematics Test is also administered in May to assess a variety of mathematical skills including graphing, fractions, computation, and reasoning. Students are also required to take an Archdiocese Religion test in the month of June. All skills and strategies learned throughout the year will help to prepare students to take these tests.