FUNdamentals' 19:  Fun for Everyone

Thank you for your interest in our 2019 Summer FUNdmentals program which begins its 25th year of operation this July.  Our camp is a cooperative venture between Bishop Dunn Memorial School and Mount Saint Mary College.  We have developed a program that remains unique in the region.

Keeping our program fresh is important to meet the ever-changing needs of campers and families.  This summer we are excited to share that age groups will participate in a mix of whole group activities involving academics, recreation, and arts, as well as maintaining the enrichment options provided for select parts of the day. Our academic programs allow participants to maintain skills developed in the school year while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere needed for a great camp experience!  All campers will be exposed to a variety of intriguing activities leading to participation in a well-rounded camp!

The best part of the program?  Our New And Exciting Yoga and Mindfulness classes for Summer 2019.

Operation Details:

The 2019 Summer FUNdamentals program is set to run from Monday, July 8, through Friday, August 2.