SumFun News

July 31, 2019

Hard to believe it is the last week of camp already.  The four weeks have been filled with so many memorable moments and our building has been filled with lots of laughter and learning.  Please check back next April for info on Sumfun 2020.

We thank everyone for being so understanding with all of the construction projects going on and around Bishop Dunn.  Bishop Dunn is closed next week for construction projects with no one allowed in the building.  Final camp and extension billing will be completed the week of August 12.

Just a reminder this Friday is a wacky day:  It is Luau Day.

Any campers who have medicine in the office, please stop by and pick it by the end of the day on Friday.

Camp Shirts are on sale till the end of the day tomorrow.  Please stop by the lobby to stock up for next year.

July 26, 2019

It was so great seeing so many of our campers coming to camp today in Christmas accessories.

Construction Update:  We should be able to use the front door on Monday.  The project is almost complete.  Please drive through the campus on Monday.  Please do not drive past the Dominican Center as the parking lot at the bottom of the hill is being paved.

T-shirts:  We will be having a t-shirt sale next week.  1 shirt for $7 or 2 shirts for $14

Our class focus today is on our K,1,2 class.  The class has been involved in a 4 week S.T.E.M. project of turning the kindergarten classroom into a pizza parlor.  The chidlren have created the items needed in the kitchen, made the toppings, menu and created a list of jobs to run the pizza parlor.  Our pizza parlor will offically open on Monday.  Along the way the children have used mentor texts each day and reviewed math skills playing various pizza games.

It is truly hard to believe that next week is our last week of Summer Fundamentals.


July 25, 2019

Reminder tomorrow is a Wacky Day we are asking our campers to come to school in Christmas accessories.

Construction update:  Hopefully by Monday morning we will be able to use the front door entrance again.  On Monday please drive through the campus to get to Bishop Dunn.  Please do not drive past the Dominican Center as the parking lot at the bottom of the hill is going to be paved.

Our spolight today is on our 3rd, 4th, 5th grade class.  The chidlren have been busy each day working in fun packets to review grade level skills.  This week they did a Picturing Writing Activity on an animal.  Our campers in this group have been divided into smaller groups for the various classes so more individual attention could be given.  We see many happy smiles on this group each day on their walk to the pool.

July 24, 2019

Our spolight today is on our 6,7,8 grade class.  Our students have been working in their sketch journals and going on nature walks.  The students have created beautiful poems that are hanging in our hallway.  The children have also enjoyed working on the various sudoku puzzles.  Our 6,7,8 grade students have enjoyed our board game and building class.  There have been many lively games and laughter coming from our library each day.

July 23, 2019

Thank you to everyone for being so understanding about the construction at the front door.

Just a few reminders:  Camp shirts need to be worn each day to camp and additional shirts are on sale in the lobby.  We will be having a reduced camp shirt sale next week.  Friday we are asking campers to come to camp in Christmas accessories.

Our spolight today is on the following two classes:

Fine Arts:  The children this week on working on different picturing writing activities.  The children during the first two weeks worked on Maker Space art projects, helped assembles shelving, made photo holders and salt dough candle holders.

Sports:  Our sports classes have been focusing on hand eye coordination activities.  The chidlren have played lacross, tennis, hockey and basketball.  There is always lots of happy noise coming from our gym each afternoon.

July 22, 2019

Hard to believe it is already Week 3 of Summer Fundamentals.  This Friday is a wacky day please wear Christmas accessories to camp.

Each day this week we will spotlight the different classes here at camp:

Yoga:  We are happy to have partnered with The Children's School of Yoga this summer.  Some of our themes in yoga have been the beach, the rodeo and the jungle.  We are impressed at how quickly the chidlren are learning the different poses and how their sense of balance improves with each lesson.

Chess:  The chidlren are learning the names of the pieces and how each piece moves on the board.  We have had some exciting games in our classes.

Mindfulness:  A new program to camp this year.  Our children have learned breathing techniques and strategies that they can use at home as well as at school to deal with different situations.  The chidlren last week used their 5 senses to explore the world around them.


July 18, 2019

Hard to believe that it is almost the end of the 2nd week of camp.  We have had lots of fun learning occuring in our classes throughout the day.  Reminder that this Friday is Hat Day.  Wear your favorite hat to camp.

Here is a list of our staff for Summer Fundamentals:

Building Principal:  Mrs. Nancy Benfer

Directors and Coordinators:  Maryann D'Angelo and Colleen Middlemiss

Nurse:  Mrs. Anderson; Front Desk:  Mrs. Broe; Accountant:  Mrs. Rose


Classroom Teachers:

Pre-k, k, 1, 2:  Mrs. Middlemiss (Mrs. M) (AM) and Miss Stacklum (PM); Grades 3, 4,5:  Miss Swinkunas; Grades 6,7,8:  Miss Killelea (Miss K.)


Enrichment Teachers:

Yoga:  Miss Danielle and Miss Jennifer from the Yoga School for Children; Fine Arts:  Mrs. Altavilla; Chess:  Mr. Johnson

Sports:  Mr. Benfer; Mindfulness:  Miss Accadia 



Justin Connolly, Kevin Ha, Danielle Lozano


Lunch Services provided by:  Parkhurst Dining courtesy of Mount Saint Mary College


July 15, 2019

Crazy Sock day on Friday was a huge success.  We loved seeing all of our campers in the many different types of socks and styles.  This Friday is Hat Day!  Wear your favorite hat to camp.

Looking forward to our second week of camp. 


July 10, 2019

Sumfun is off to a great start.  It is so great to see everyone in their camp shirts each day.  We know that our new red shirts are a popular item.  We have placed a new camp shirt order and new shirts will be arriving shortly.

This Friday is a Wacky Day and we are asking all of our campers to come to camp in Crazy Socks.  One of our teachers will be wearing hot dog socks!


July 2, 2019

We are all looking forward to Sumfun starting on Monday, July 8.

Here are just a few reminders:

First Day of Camp -- doors will open at 8:30am. 

*All drop off and pickups are at Bishop Dunn

*Extended care begins at 7:30 and ends at 5:30 each day.  There is a flat rate of $6.00/hour for this service.  Campers who are not picked up by 4:30, will be placed in extension.  Doors will NOT open until 7:30.

*If you must pick up your child early from camp, it must be before 3:30.  The final half hour of camp, the staff is involved in finishing classes and transporting campers to their pick up locations.  Picking up between 3:30-4:00 impedes the transition from camp activities to dismissal.  Thank you for your cooperation.


*Please pack a bathing suit and towel each day as the children do have the option to swim each afternoon.  

*Please have your child wear his or her camp shirt each day.  Additional camp shirts will be available to purchase.

*Remember to pack rain gear and an umbrella!  We do move in the rain (we do not move the children outside during thunderstorms).

*Don't forget to pack a healthy snack!  The campers have time during the camp day to have a snack in between activities.  Limited snacks are provided by SumFUN, but feel free to bring your own.  Bring a water bottle each day!

*Sumfun Lunch Menu is posted on the website and in the lobby

*Cell phones are not to be used during the camp day.  Campers who have cell phones need to keep them in their bags. Campers who use cell phones during the day will have the cell phone confiscated by a director and returned to a parent at the end of the camp day.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. SUMMER FUNDAMENTALS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN CELL PHONES. 

*There has been a change to the classes being offered this summer.  Our bees and aviation class will not be running.  In its place The Children's School of Yoga will be providing yoga instruction each day for our campers.  Miss Danielle will work with the campers on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and Miss Jennifer will work with our campers on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

*We are looking forward to a safe and happy summer!! :)

Behavior Policy for Camp:  

Camp Discipline Policy It is our belief that a safe camp is a happy camp!  In order to ensure a safe, orderly environment, we have implemented the following discipline policy here at SumFUN.  Please review this policy with your child, so s/he understands what is expected of him/her.

Strike One: If a camper is so distracting or disruptive that a counselor needs to remove him/her from the group; a camp director will be called and the camper will spend the rest of the day with the director.  The parent will be notified at dismissal.

Strike Two: If a camper is removed from the group a second time, the parent will be called and the camper will be asked to leave for the remainder of the day.

Strike Three: In the unlikely event that a camper is removed from the group a third time, the parent will be notified and the camper will be removed from camp for the remainder of the summer.


Summer Fundamentals has a permit to operate as required by the Orange County Department of Health. This camp is required to be inspected twice annually. Copies of inspection reports are on file and are available for review at the O.C. Dept. of Health, Division of Environmental Health, 124 Main Street, Goshen, NY.