Inclement Weather School Closings and Early Dismissal Reminders


If you wake up to wintry weather in the morning, please check the following sources for school delays or cancellations information.

  1. You will receive an IRIS alert with information regarding delays or cancellations.
  2. You may also listen to the radio. The stations that report information about our school are: WBNR (1260 AM), WSPK (104.7 FM), WHUD (100.7 FM), WGNY (1220 AM), WJGK (103.1 FM), WDLC (1490), WKIP (1450 AM), WBWZ (Z93 FM), WRNQ (92.1 FM) WGHQ (920 AM), WPDH (97.7) and (101.5), WRRV (92.7) and (96.9), and “The Wolf” (94.3) and (97.3). If the radio stations don’t mention Bishop Dunn specifically then listen for news about Newburgh schools as we will follow their lead.
  3. If you don’t want to wait for the next radio round-up, you can get more immediate information by checking our website, and its emergency notification link after 6:30 am.

If bad weather is forecast for the day and you have already sent your child to school, please do the following:

  1. Listen to the radio throughout the morning for reports of early dismissals. If it is announced that the Newburgh public schools are closing, that means that Bishop Dunn will also be closing.
  2. Look out the window occasionally. (We’ve learned not to assume anything in this business).
  3. Check your cell phone, email and answering machines regularly for messages and IRIS alerts from school.
  4. Please do not call the school.  Please wait to receive a message pertaining to an early dismissal.  Once you have received a message, please do not call school unless there will be a change in your child’s normal dismissal procedure.   Since different school districts begin picking up children at different times, check this web page where we will have emergency notification information updated with early dismissal details for specific districts.
  5. Call our main number to let us know where we can reach you ONLY if you are not going to be near a phone that we have listed for daytime contacts.
  6. Be aware that if we cannot make contact with a parent that we will still send children home on their bus, if you have indicated on emergency forms earlier in the year that your child can be sent home without notification.
  7. If you are picking your child up by car, you will be able to pick them up only at the back door or library at the designated closing time. Because we are trying to coordinate very complicated bus dismissal procedures, we ask you not to come to the main office to pick up your child.
  8. Finally, remember that whenever we have early dismissal, all afternoon and evening activities, including afternoon extension, are cancelled.