The Bishop Dunn Chorus is open to any student in second through eighth grade. No prior singing experience is needed. Students must be able to match pitch (sing the same note as the person next to them). Participants are asked to commit to learning selected songs for performance in a winter and a spring concert. All chorus members will be expected to conduct themselves in a serious manner. Proper behavior and respect for chorus teachers and fellow students will be expected during all rehearsals.

Chorus members must attend at least 75 percent of all rehearsals in order to perform in the concerts. Excessive absence will result in the student not singing in the concert. It is not fair to others who attended all the rehearsals.

There is a $8 per session fee for chorus. This fee covers the cost of music and other materials and expenses. There is an additional fee of $3 per session if your child is selected for Troubadours. If your child is in Troubadours, the total fee is $11 per session.  This fee will be billed monthly.

The Troubadours is a more advanced group selected from the full chorus by audition. Troubadours must demonstrate solid music skills, positive work ethic, and ability to exhibit good behavior and self control. The Troubadours perform more challenging music than the chorus, and are also given additional opportunities to perform. They also serve as mentors to the younger chorus members. Troubadours must attend both chorus and Troubadour rehearsals. In the past, Troubadours have been invited to sing at the Dr. Martin Luther King dedication service, the Barnes and Noble Book Fair, and the Bishop Dunn Graduation Mass. Troubadours are expected to display a higher standard of behavior appropriate for these events.