Girls on the RunMonday’s GOTR lesson focused on how our words impact others, and no matter how hard we try once we say or write something and put it out there, it’s hard to take back. So we must be careful with the words we choose. A valuable lesson for girls and adults. 

 As the girls ran laps, the lesson unfolded, and the phrase “words matter” was written letter by letter (or several letters at a time) with each lap until the phrase was complete. “Darling” Danica was our energy award winner on Monday for her encouraging words, her kindness, her support of others and for pushing herself even though she felt discouraged. ❤️

Today’s GOTR lesson was how to express emotions and let those around them know how they feel. Through talking and integrating fun running and movement exercises, the girls talked about times when they felt happy, sad, angry, nervous, worried, frustrated and a bunch of other identified emotions. But at the end of it all, they decided they needed to do what any of us would want to do and should do after an emotive experience.... roll down the biggest hill they could find and laugh together. #gotrhudsonvalley

Anisa , enjoying stumble in the grass was our energy award winner because she listened so well and partnered with Gabby, her teammate, identifying emotions and gave great examples of her feelings. She is such a wonderful example of a GOTR with her kindness, encouragement, motivation, and spirit. 💖