Charles Benfer

Charles Benfer



About the Teacher:

Mr. Benfer graduated Mount Saint Mary College with his Bachelor's in Mathematics and Master's in Education in 2021.  He is certified by New York State to teach 7-12 Mathematics and 7-12 General Special Education. His desire to teach is fueled by a love for mathematics as a subject. His main goal is to inspire the students to see what he sees in mathematics, and inspire them to feel the same way. 

Teaching Philosophy:

"Tell me and I'll forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me, and I will learn.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

The Middle School Math Curriculum has been created in accordance to the NYS Common Core Mathematics Standards as well as the NYS Next Generation Mathematics Standards. Topics included are Ratios and Proportional Relationships, The Number System, Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities, Geometry, Statistics, and Probability. 

Curriculum Information

Middle School Math Class Syllabus 

Class: 7th Grade Math Teacher: Mr. Benfer

Topics Covered:

★ The Number System
★ Ratios and Proportional Relationships
★ Expressions and the Number System
★ Functions
★ Equations
★ Geometry: Transformations
★ Geometry: Two and Three Dimensional Figures
★ Statistics and Probability Course of Study

 Class: 8th Grade Mathematics

Topics of Study

★ Algebraic Modeling and Unit Analysis
★ Linear Equations and Inequalities
★ Linear Functions
★ Exponential Functions
★ Piecewise and Absolute Value Functions
★ Quadratic Functions
★ Data Analysis

General Information  for Grade 8
★ Students will be taking the NYS Algebra 1 Regents Exam in June 2022 (This exam will count for regents credit in high school as well as the final exam grade.)
★ Students are able to opt-out of the Regents exam with parent consent, but this is a conversation to be had with me if you are considering doing so.
★ The regular math course runs along with a Regents Prep period that is run on a 2-week schedule. This class will provide extra time for the students to work on specific regents test-taking skills, as well as specific, individualized content area work.

General Information Grades 7 and 8

These course will be run under the pacing of eMathinstruction, an accessible online math resource.

Materials Students will be required to have a class notebook, a class folder, and pencils (please encourage math work to be done in pencil.)

Behavior and Expectations

★ Be responsible: be on time for class; bring the materials you need, be prepared.
★ Be respectful; listen while others are speaking, raise your hand to be called on, respect classroom and classmate supplies.
★ Be understanding; all students have different learning styles and learn at different speeds
★ Attendance is important! Try your best not to miss school days you do not have to. At the same time, keep mental and physical health at the forefront of your mind... Grades
★ Grades will be entered into the computer for each class by 5 PM
★ Students will write their assignments down in their assignment book, and parents can confirm the due assignment on the Parent Portal.
★ Missing assignments will be accepted late, but will be penalized based on the extent of lateness. This does not mean you should not do assignments that are very late!

Tests and Quizzes
★ Tests and quizzes will be given on a Unit basis with 2-3 intermediate quizzes and 1 summative test at the end of the unit. Students will know about their Unit Exams and Quizzes at least 1 week before the date of the quiz or test.
★ All dates for quizzes and tests will be posted on the parent portal.

Extra Help

★ It is important that you come to me with any questions about the material you do not understand. I am available to help after school by appointment.
★ Do not be afraid to ask for help. This course will build upon itself, so the material we learn at the beginning of the year will not be disjointed from the material at the end of the year.

Educate Portal


★ Homework will be mostly conducted on IXL, an online platform that connects a student’s individualized learning with the class standards.

Homework assignments will be given based on the amount of time spent or the number of questions to complete, depending on the day.