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    Compliment a Knight!

    While we're all working and learning remotely, it can be easy to feel isolated. Let's build each other up and shout each other out through this anonymous compliment line. Submit a compliment here.


    #170: Lauren Giacalone
    Lauren is such a joy to work with! She is always so prompt to get things done, and she is SO patient and kind!!

    #169: MSMC's students
    Congratulations on getting through the craziest semester any of us have ever had to deal with. We asked quite a lot of you this semester in response to a situation we had little to no control over. As is typical of MSMC students, you made us proud. Thank you!

    #168: Stephanie Lozada
    You are so smart and hard-working, good luck on your finals you're going to do great!

    #167: Taylor Soucy
    You are a great friend to have and have grown so much this year. Good luck on your finals!

    #166: Katie Gibbons
    You are such a supportive person and always look out for others. Good luck on your finals!

    #165: Linda Gilmartin
    Thank you for making this semester so much fun and engaging. I loved the perfect school project we did, it helped engage me not only as a student but as a future educator. I thought I knew what I wanted my classroom to be like but after I took your course, I now have a better understanding of what I am looking for. Your generosity and kindness are unmatched. I'm excited to take your summer class!

    #164: Melissa Talamo
    You are so smart, and motivated, and will do great on your finals!

    #163: Taylor Ephraim
    You are so hard-working and kind! Good luck on all your finals!

    #162: Danielle Thuman
    I miss being your neighbor so very much. I wish I could bring you fun chips one more time, toss change under your door, and do one more KDP event with you. You are so creative, smart, and inspirational Bells. I love and miss you the most.

    #161: Daniella Cucuzza
    You're a great friend, good luck on all your finals!

    #160: Rene Biondo
    You are my sunshine, my eternal summer. I will always cherish the days where we went and got ice cream together, and had Henriques dates. You helped show me what a real friend is. I am so proud of you Rini, you are going to do such amazing things. I love you forever my sweet bean. (,:

    #159: Professor Allison Roberts
    Thank you for being so flexible and accomodating during this time. You inspired me to become a special education teacher last year. Now, you have motivated and inspired me to go the extra mile for my students and break out of traditional classroom models. I hope to have another class with you soon, thank you for accepting all of my videos via email- you made learning during this time fun.

    #158: Bridget, Erin, Emily, Lauren, and Jilly
    Thank you for being an amazing softball senior class! You deserved a better ending to your careers than you got, but I will always remember you all as strong leaders and incredibly talented athletes. I can’t wait to see you do great things in the future! 💙

    #157: Maddie Barberan
    Keep up the good work and finish strong! You are going to be an amazing nurse:)

    #156: MiTia Vance
    A true shining star to many!!

    #155: Christiana Kerrs
    Has such a inviting atmosphere surrounding herself. She is very welcoming to others and has the sweetest heart you can ever imagine. She is going to be a great teacher without a doubt. Also has great fashion sense!

    #154: Jessica Romaniello
    You’re the best person to belt songs and binge Netflix shows with! You’re super funny, kind, and ambitious! Love you <3

    #153: Jessica Pinelli
    One of the brightest souls I have ever met. She goes above and beyond in anything she does! Jess is a beautiful spirit. The Mount is so lucky to have her on campus!

    #152: Lucas Belfonti
    One of the nicest people I've ever met! I'm so proud of you!

    #151: Professor Schwartz
    Thanks for being you! You've gone out of your comfort zone this whole semester and still manage to keep a positive attitude. We love you crazy man! <3

    #150: Deanna Giardina
    Thank you for being so opened arms and making everyone feel welcomed for whoever you encounter. Truly one of the purest souls I have ever met!

    #149: Maggie Kemp
    Thank you for always being someone you can come to during exciting and difficult times. You have made your office very welcoming and always greet us with a smile. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

    #148: Laynie Callo
    Not only have you been a great and amazing tutor, but just a great overall friend. Thank you for always being willing to pick up a random FaceTime call when I’m worrying about class or just to have a talk about anything in general. No doubt you’re the reason I’ve been able to do well in my class. You’re a great tutor, friend and person. So glad and grateful to have met you. Keep being awesome :)

    #147: Dr. Bready
    Thank you for tirelessly teaching us and making the class go as smoothly as possible in these strange times. Math has never been my forte and you have made me become more and more interested and actually excited to continue to learn in our statistics class. Thank you also for trying to cheer us up and just being an overall great teacher. Because of you, the worry of taking this class is long gone and I’m extremely grateful for all your time, dedication and patience.

    #146: The Registrar's Office
    Thanks for all of your help via email during this time. You have been so quick to respond with questions and issues. It is much appreciated and you ALL are much appreciated!

    #145: Ashely Romaniello
    You are probably one of the smartest people I have ever known. Keep up the amazing work!!

    #144: Haley Romaniello
    You are incredibly hard-working and full of passion! You have a crazy awesome infectious laugh.

    #143: Hannah Conklin
    Hannah you are a ray of sunshine! I miss you everyday and I can’t wait to see you again. You never fail to make me smile. I will forever miss our heriques dates but hopefully we will be reunited soon!

    #142: Vinny Emanuele
    Thank you for being such a good friend!

    #141: Danni Kralik
    Your passion and dedication to teaching is apparent in everything you do. Your students will be so lucky to have you as a teacher :)

    #140: Allie Steinberg
    Thank you for all your hard work as KDP president!

    #139: Jessica Romaniello
    You are a ball of sunshine! Thank you for always making me laugh.

    #138: Sophia Reinhardt
    The funniest and kindest soul! Thank you for making my days brighter and filled with laughs. I aspire to be like you, the complete package :)

    #137: Meaghan Wisniewski
    A literal angel! You truly bring out the best in everyone! You mean so much to me, never forget that <3

    #136: Leila Saleh
    The sweetest and most caring person I have ever met. Thank you for always being there for me. Never stop being you!

    #135: MSMC Security
    Thanks to the security team who is keeping our home safe while we are away!

    #134: Susana Briscoe-Alba
    Working with Susana is a true pleasure. She works very hard and is always coming up with great ideas. She is so positive and a bright ray of sunshine!#133: Julia Cassidy
    You are such a fun person to be around! You are going to make great impacts on your patients one day.

    #133: Julia Cassidy
    You are such a fun person to be around! You are going to make great impacts on your patients one day.

    #132: Sabina Modugno
    You are the smartest, sweetest, and most hardworking girl I know. You are going to make one of the best nurses one day!

    #131: Leila Saleh
    You are one of the best people I know! You’re amazingly smart, kind and funny. The world shines brighter with you in it!

    #130: Morgan Kopf
    You are one of the most hard working people I know. Continue to push yourself and, in the end, you will become a great nurse!

    #129: Mia Hobson
    You are always the first person to show up if anyone needs you. you have a heart made of gold, just always lighting up the room with your personality.

    #128: Leila Saleh
    You are such a caring person, the way you constantly put people before yourself always checking in on your friends is an inspiration!

    #127: Dr. Caruana
    You are such a kind and caring person! You have impacted my life in such a tremendous way, and I will be a better teacher because of it!

    #126: Dr. Bixler
    Thank you so much for all that you do for us! You are one of the best professors I have ever had at MSMC!

    #125: Dr. Daven
    Thank you for caring for your students and their success! Your passion for what you do really shines through during class and it makes you a great professor!

    #124: Sam Uleberg
    You amaze me every day! Your work ethic is so inspiring and you will do amazing things when you have your own classroom! Your students will be lucky to have you as their teacher!

    #123: Jordyn Davis
    You’re going to be the BEST nurse ever...don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

    #122: Sophia Reinhardt
    Thank you for always being the best friend ever! You’re always so supportive!

    #121: Meaghan Wisniewski
    You are the hardest working person I know! You inspire me!

    #120: Samantha Uleberg
    You go above and beyond to reach your goals. You are going to be an amazing teacher and an even better role model for your students! Hard work pays off!

    #119: Mia Hobson
    Thanks for being such a caring and helpful friend! You’re the baddest :)

    #118: Leila Saleh
    You are a role model to me! I don't know how I would get through this experience without you! I know you are going to do amazing things!

    #117: Dr. Sulit
    Thank you for always being supportive and understanding towards your students. It is much appreciated and makes this transition online much easier!

    #116: Jenna Zeller
    You are an amazing person inside and out! I can't wait to see all of your accomplishments as the wonderful teacher I know you will be!

    #115: Victoria Caruana
    Thank you for being such an inspiration to all us future teachers. The genuine care you give to your students is unique and appreciated!

    #114: Kelly Kroez
    Thank you for being someone I can count on to make me smile even in the tiring times.

    #113: Leila Saleh
    I can't wait to see all the amazing things you do as a teacher! Natural born star! xoxo

    #112: Matt Gallo
    Thanks for always being there for me! Thanks for always making me laugh when I need it the most :)!

    #111: Antonio Mansilla
    During these difficult times, I would like to thank Executive Director of Furniture Logistics Antonio Mansilla for his indefatigable service to the MSMC community. His steadfast dedication to our institution is a continuous inspiration to everyone at the Mount.

    #110: Julia Hardt
    Thanks for being you!! Could always count on you for a good laugh at practice.

    #109: Vincent Emanuele
    You’re going to be an awesome teacher!! Keep up the great work!

    #108: Uchenna Umunna (Diamond)
    Your positive energy motives me! You are such a beautiful person inside and out!

    #107: Ben Greenwald
    Always there for his counseling students. Runs great meditation sessions!

    #106: Courtney Maniello
    Your commitment to joining in on a crazy activity is amazing. I know I’ll always have someone by my side.

    #105: Sarah Confeiteiro
    Thank you for always providing a good laugh when needed! Your spirit is infectious!

    #104: Kelly Kroez
    Thanks for being a great team player and always looking out for me. I owe so much to you!

    #103: Devon Scalfari
    Devon always has a smile on her face and her warm personality is infectious. She is a hard worker and always goes the extra mile!

    #102: Brianne Thompson
    One of the strongest most caring people and always has a smile on her face!

    #101: Alex Maher
    Your energy is one not many people can match. Always have a positive attitude. The Mount will miss you.

    #100: Gabby Dana
    You are a fantastic person and I am proud to call you my friend!

    #99: Jeffrey Kahana
    Sees his students more than that and he applies his assets and generosity more than your normal teacher.

    #98: Jenna Albanese
    A great person with a beautiful heart. A person you can confide in with everything, school and everything else. An intelligent future nurse.

    #97: Tiny from MAP
    I love her confidence and dedication, strength and courage.... I also love the way you dress. ~Stay beautiful~

    #96: Sean Leuschner
    You're absolutely hilarious and always yourself! Also know you're doing great things by helping out so much during this time. Glad to call you my friend although relatively new and unsuspected, glad to know you!

    #95: Career Center
    Great place to work because it is filled with amazing people! Never fail to help any student out and is always there for me as well! Miss you all :)

    #94: Professor Merkhofer
    Always makes time to lend out a helping hand to help others succeed. Thank you for always believing in us and helping us through some of hardest times in undergrad

    #93: Hallie Benson
    You’re a beautiful human! You are so strong and inspiring. I love you to death!

    #92: Dr. Hoegler
    Thank you for being one of the few professors at the Mount who are truly passionate about what they do. Whether we're in the classroom or on a zoom call, we can see how much you genuinely enjoy teaching. You never fail to put a smile on our faces and lighten the mood amiss the chaos we are all experiencing. With your determination and positivity, I truly believe that you will find a cure for the Corona Virus, even if the cure is just making your students laugh during lecture. Thank you for all that you do and keep swimming!!

    #91: Kevin Colgan
    A great friend that treats you like family. Thanks Kev!

    #90: Elaine O'Grady
    Thank you so much for offering a cooking class for us all. It is so thoughtful!

    #89: Julia Fitzpatrick
    You are a phenomenal partner in crime and without you, I don't think I could make it through this trying time 💜

    #88: Jennifer Carriera
    You are so sweet and so pretty! I wish I was good at math like you!

    #87: Haley Cool
    You are so beautiful and such a hardworking student!

    #86: Shaneeka Reid
    You are so kind and hardworking! I love laughing with you!

    #85: Father Greg
    Thank you for giving the best homilies. Because of you my faith has strengthened and I understand it much more. I miss celebrating Mass with you!

    #84: (Rosalia) Stefani Fucarino
    Your work ethic is amazing and I’m so proud to be your friend!

    #83: Elizabeth David
    Thank you for being an awesome friend!

    #82: Digital Learning
    You guys got thrown so many challenges this year and show unbelievable resilience! Thanks to Kristen, Kayla, Billy, and Chuck!

    #81: Ellen Walsh 
    Ellen is hard-working, caring, dedicated and a calming force. I appreciate and value her for all that she does!

    #80: Lee Ferris
    Lee is a great photographer - he always makes us look good!

    #79: Leanna Vergis
    Thank you for never failing to brighten my day or make me smile!

    #78: Tabatha Mays
    Tabatha does so much for marketing. We would be lost without her.

    #77: Gina Evers
    Thank you for all that you do to keep the Writing Center a wonderful resource on campus! Your passion for helping others through writing is so admirable and inspiring!

    #76: Online Learning
    Can we just take a minute and give a huge shout out to the team in Online Learning? Thank you for being such an anchor through the COVID-19 crisis. Your dedication and commitment to our online learning platform is truly amazing and we appreciate you!

    #75: Nursing Junior Class
    For going above and beyond during this challenging time--juggling studies with home life and family responsibilities, and for many of you working on the front lines of this epidemic. So proud of you and your ability to rise to the challenge of online classes and remote clinicals. You are all amazing. Miss "seeing" you each week!#74: Adam

    #74: Adam Skura
    Adam Skura is always a joy to work with!

    #73: Allyson Sickler
    You are so hardworking and determined! I'm so proud of you and can't wait to see what the future after graduation holds for you!

    #72: Elyana Feliciano
    You always bring positive vibes wherever you go and I think that's great!

    #71: Brea Smith
    You're an amazing person and your resilience is so inspiring!

    #70: Molly Dinsdale
    Thank you for being the physical embodiment of the color yellow and never failing to brighten up everyone's day!!

    #69: Nicholas Tucker
    Thank you for always having the best advice!

    #68: Lauren Giacalone
    Lauren is so easy to work with!

    #67: Dr. Yasmine Kalkstein
    You are one of the most intelligent, caring, and hilarious people I have ever met! Thank you for being an amazing advisor and professor. You really made me love the field of psychology!

    #66: Gabrielle Hollant
    You are so inspiring! You are an amazing writer, poet, and friend and I'm so glad I met you this year!

    #65: Jenna Brenner
    You're so resilient! I know that this hasn't always been easy for you but you've persevered and accomplished so much! Your positive vibes are so so inspiring I'm so lucky to be one of your closest friends here at the Mount!

    #64: Rob Wakeman
    Thank you for being so inspirational! Your classes have really challenged me to think more deeply about literature and for that I could not be more thankful!! Your lectures are so enthralling and they are fantastic models for what kind of English professor I would like to be someday.

    #63: Kathleen Venable
    You are an amazing person and, on top of that, an amazing professor! Thank you for being unapologetically "you." You inspire me so much!

    #62: Louise Goodman
    Thank you for always being there for me! You were one of the first people I met freshman year in general psychology and I am so lucky I did! I love your sense of humor and the way you write your poems!

    #61: John Chiaia
    John is extremely well versed in his position and is committed to helping students and mentoring his RAs. He is a delight to work with, a true team player.

    #60: Jessica Mushel
    Jess is diligent, hard-working and one of the most loving people I know. So grateful to call her a colleague and friend!

    #59: Emma Granholm
    Your dedication to those you love is overwhelming. It is amazing knowing I will always have a someone to support me!

    #58: Ethan Shluker
    A kind, caring and hard working student who is always willing to go the extra mile. Keep up the great work, Ethan!

    #57: Heather Fitzsimmons
    Always going the extra mile and putting 100% into everything she does!

    #56: Megan Rossi
    Megan has an infectious smile and always brings great energy wherever she goes. She is a pleasure to be around!

    #55: Mikaela Burch
    I have never seen such resilience in anther person! Somehow, even in the hardest of times, she is able to inspire others to keep on pushing through! Mik is truly an extraordinary person and I’m so blessed to have someone so amazing in my life! Keep being you, because you are phenomenal!!

    #54: Sarah Canzone
    You're one of the best math tutors out there. Thank you for your dedication not only to math itself but also to the students you tutor! You're such an asset to the college and I am so lucky to know you.

    #53: My Students!
    I'm a faculty member, and I am so impressed with how my students have dealt with this situation, and they all deserve a shout out. They come to Zoom lectures, continue to submit their work, and just keep on trying. I know it's hard students, but you can do this - we're all proud of you. Go Knights!

    #52: The Marketing Team
    Great job!!!! Thanks for keeping us informed.

    #51: Emily Ricci
    Emily Ricci of the Marketing Department is a wonderful, quiet support to so many projects on Campus. She obviously loves her work and the Mount and is always looking for positive news and ways to make the Mount known - a great example of an enthusiastic Mount alumna!

    #50: Gianna LaMarca
    For being the most beautiful girl on campus, 3 years running ❤️

    #49: Sarah Confeiteiro
    Your laugh is contagious!

    #48: Courtney Manniello
    I love your humor and when you scare me randomly!

    #47: Jessica Kovach
    Your work ethic and drive impress me everyday!

    #46: Theresa Egger
    Love and miss you, T!

    #45: Dr. Gallagher
    The true definition of an educator. Thank you for making a difference!

    #44: Ben Greenwald
    Ben is such a superstar! He brightens the room whenever he comes around. Thanks for all you do.

    #43: Megan Rossi
    Thanks for always having a smile and for always being positive!

    #42: Cait Cassidy
    For always being there for me when I need you!

    #41: Meg Rossi
    For always making me smile!

    #40: Meg Morrissey
    For being one of the most genuine and caring people I know!

    #39: Melody Sarno
    Melody is a great person to go and talk to in Campus Ministry. She is always there for the students wanting to help them in any way she can. Even though we are doing online classes and not able to just walk into the Campus Ministry office anymore, she is still setting up zoom meetings with us weekly to see how we are all doing. We all love Melody.

    #38: Linda Kelly
    Professor Kelly’s actions are enough to show that her students are one of her top priorities. She has been exceptionally reassuring and understanding during the process of us transitioning our nursing classes to an online setting and having to temporarily leave the college. In an email regarding that the college was closing for the remainder of the semester, Professor Kelly stated: “As nurses, we will get through this, be strengthened and learn from it. Remember, this is what we do. We are on the front lines of patient safety and care. You are entering a profession to be proud of.” This statement alone made me cry. This reminded me as to why I chose nursing to be my profession and it reminded me just how proud I am to be a nursing major at Mount Saint Mary College.

    #37: Sister Peggy
    Sister Peggy is a ray of sunshine. She makes everyone feel special and loved.

    #36: Matt Byrne
    Matt does an excellent job of keeping us safe and truly cares about this community. Thank you!

    #35: Jacqueline Perez
    Thank you for your constant positive attitude and smile. We’re lucky to have you as a part of the MSMC family.

    #34: Sten Miller Perkins
    Sten, you are so creative! Your energetic personality and humor makes me smile and I love to work with you. You are so talented and go above and beyond on projects!

    #33: Sandy Cangemi
    SANDY, you’re a total rock star and a force to be reckoned with. Thank you!!!

    #32: Eileen Bardney
    Thank you for all you do. We’re so thankful for you and all you do for the admissions team.

    #31: Jessica Rutledge
    Jess is such an asset to the Mount community. She’s a wizard when it comes to planning and we’re so lucky to have her as a part of the Mount family. Jess, thank you for all you do!

    #30: Margaret Treacy
    Margaret’s passion for the Mount and enthusiasm is truly remarkable. She is a breath of fresh air!

    #29: Kathleen O’Keefe
    Kathleen is wonderful and a true pleasure to work with. A true asset to the Mount. We will miss you!!

    #28: MSMC Marketing
    You are all so talented and hardworking. You are a great team and I love working with all of you!

    #27: MSMC Facilities
    The Mount is in a beautiful location and the hardworking people in Facilities make our campus look even better!

    #26: Deborah Meissner
    Deb is the most positive, cheerful and personable person I know on campus. She works so hard for her divisions. She seems to know everyone by name on campus and they all love her!

    #25: Robin Rosenberg
    For always smiling and staying so positive! I appreciate her hard work.

    #24: Michelle Iacuessa
    You are so hard working and a joy to be around!

    #23: Robbie Bertola
    Robbie's school spirit is unmatched. She is constantly giving her all to the Mount community!

    #22: Susana Briscoe-Alba
    Susana works tirelessly to promote the college and can simply light up a room. Her joy is infectious, and her hard work is admirable. Go Susana!

    #21: Skylar
    So proud of how you’ve taken this next challenge on 100%. Love you ❤️

    #20: Michelle Iacuessa
    Michelle is a ray of sunshine and makes the college a better place!

    #19: Dr. Cotter
    Dr. Cotter is the most dedicated scholar I've ever met. No one cares more about his craft than Dr. Cotter.

    #18: Professor Fox
    Professor Fox is awesome. Not only smart but a good guy too. Happy he's at the Mount.

    #17: Margaret Treacy
    Margaret is one of the kindest and hardest working people I've ever met. She makes the Mount a better place!

    #16: Jackie Lindsay
    You are Amazing! During this hard time you still find a way to smile. You are doing your schoolwork, running because you are so committed to MSMC sports, and keeping your spirits up. We are all so proud of you!

    #15: Annie Keenan
    You're staying dedicated and focused at this time has made us so proud. You got this because you get to!!

    #14: Troy Watson
    You've got the nicest reading voice :)

    #13: Kaitlin Zani
    I know you don’t like on line classes, keep up the awesome job you are doing!! YOU ARE ROCKING THIS ONLINE STUFF!!!!!

    #12: Registrar's Office Personnel
    I haven't forgotten about you guys! Even though I've been away from the college for over a year now, you're all in my thoughts each and every day. I make progress with every day that passes by, as well. Stay strong and I will do the same for you.

    #11: Elizabeth Mclinden
    You Rock !!!!! Keep it up girl !!!!

    #10: Kerry DeFelice
    So proud of you now and always!!

    #9: Mollie Allard
    Thank you for always showing your strength...I am so proud of you! Love you so much!

    #8: Vanessa Adams
    I’m so proud of the hard work you are putting in to your school work under the circumstances, and still taking pride in your work. You are going to make an amazing nurse one day. Your empathy and huge heart are going to play major roles in your nursing career. Keep putting in the hard work and you will deep the rewards. You are a shining star and I love you forever and always! ❤️

    #7: Emily Mazzurco
    Shout out to my beautiful, caring daughter who has been working so hard at completing her online courses as well as doing 3 research papers and tutoring . Her upbeat disposition and determination to continuing to reach for her dreams makes us know what an amazing career she will have. Love you Emily we have always been so proud of you but now we see the passion and know you have chosen the right career path.

    #6: Mikaila Mills
    You are Rocking Remote Learning!!

    #5: Dr. Maynard
    The kindest, smartest, most adorable professor that I have ever had!

    #4: Student Activities Office
    Thank you so much for still have fun events for us even though we are not on campus!

    #3: Dr. Bob Miller
    Brings a lot of happiness and excitement to class!

    #2: Dr. John Hofbauer
    Super knowledgable! Great Professor!

    #1: Arianna Martuscello
    Arianna is an amazing leader! She is the current president of the Student Business Association and has been providing informative, creative, and interactive programs and meetings for all members. She just organized a LinkedIn workshop, is working on a Young Alumni Panel, and has a few more ideas to implement before the semester is over! Keep up the great work Ari!