If you receive an exemption, you must be tested for COVID-19 every week. (This does not include at-home COVID-19 tests. For weekly testing, exempt students must have a PCR or rapid test administered by a professional.)

You will also need to quarantine at home for five days after each COVID-19 exposure, which may result in multiple quarantines and disruptions in learning. 

Requesting an exemption

  1. Complete a medical exemption or a religious exemption and email it to covid.exemptions@msmc.edu.

  2. Students will receive a decision within 7 business days of receipt of completed forms (and supplemental information, if requested). Students may appeal to the Office of the President within 3 business days of receiving a decision if new documentation is provided or if there was a procedural error.

On-campus COVID-19 testing

On-campus COVID-19 testing is offered to students and employees on Mondays and Thursdays. Those with religious or medical exemptions must continue to test weekly as per the exemption policy. 

Health insurance is required. To register, visit testMSMC.online. For questions, email support@caregps.health.